Managing Your CRM & Automation

Our team are always happy to help you with your sales and marketing systems, whether that is with configuration, deployment, importing data, customisation or screen development, training, design work, adding in new automation or general CRM advice.
We have a few options to ensure we can always provide top-quality service and put in the time needed to work with you and on your software.

Retainer Plans

Each retainer plan is billed monthly and runs for 4 months. The time can be used at any point and is logged in 6-minute increments so it can be used for small changes (e.g. advice on how to use part of the platform) or larger jobs (e.g. full-scale implementation project).
Once the time has been used up you have the option to renew the retainer plan again. If the time is used up then you have the option to pay off the remaining balance and start a new retainer plan or continue paying the monthly amount until the 4 months is up.
Pack 4 Monthly Payments of (Ex VAT)
8 hours pack £190.00 per month
16 hours pack £372.00 per month
24 hours pack £546.00 per month
32 hours pack £712.00 per month
40 hours pack £870.00 per month
48 hours pack £1,020.00 per month
56 hours pack £1,162.00 per month
64 hours pack £1,296.00 per month
72 hours pack £1,422.00per month
80 hours pack £1,540.00 per month
88 hours pack £1,650.00 per month
96 hours pack £1,752.00 per month
104 hours pack £1,846.00 per month

Don’t want to go onto a retainer plan?

If you don’t want to go onto a plan then you can always pay for time on an ad hoc basis and we can add this to our schedule.
We aim to book in ad hoc work within 2 – 4 weeks from when you purchase the time, or we have an emergency ad hoc option for work that is required with a 24-hour turnaround (Monday – Friday).
Ad-hoc Support (up to 2 hours)  – £228.00 single payment (includes VAT)
Emergency Ad-hoc Support (up to 2 hours) –  £250.00 single payment (includes VAT)