Sage 50 Connector Tool

The Sage 50 Accounts Connector Tool gives a simple, straightforward way of automatically updating customers and sales orders in Sage 50 Accounts. An application of this is integration between e-commerce applications and Sage 50 Accounts which you use to process orders. It can be used for downloading customer details and order details.

Existing functionality in TaskCentre enables extraction of product, stock and order status information for updating your e-commerce application. The Sage 50 Accounts Connector Tool takes away the need for script and provides an easy to use user interface for writing data to Sage 50 Accounts. All updates are made through the Sage 50 Accounts API so data integrity is maintained. This means that the data is validated using the business rules defined by Sage so the data cannot be accidentally corrupted through lack of knowledge of these rules.

The Sage 50 Accounts Connector Tool uses XML as its input and output data format. Interoperation with standard TaskCentre Tools is achieved by the use of the TaskCentre XML Tools which allow conversion of standard TaskCentre recordsets to/from XML. System Requirements There are no special requirements to use this Tool.

This tool is compatible with Sage 50 Accounts 2012, 2013 and 2014

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