Your Guide to Sales & CRM

Attracting Sales Leads and Converting Them Into Closed Deals is the Life-Blood of a Successful Business

Whether you manufacture plumbing components or sports equipment, knowing how to draw high value customers into your sales funnel is an essential skill. Here are some of the ways that small and medium sized B2B firms can convert casual web browsers into loyal customers.

Create a Slick Sales Funnel to Ensure Efficient Lead Capture

There’s no point creating high quality content without a sales funnel in place to capture the hits that content creates. The sales funnel (sometimes known as the buyer’s journey) refers to the process that users go through, from reading your blog or entering your site, to learning about products, entering their personal details and making a purchase.

Ideally, all of these steps should be linked – which is where lead capture specialists can provide useful advice. Inbound marketing requires a sensitive approach to constructing web pages, keeping in mind how customers feel and the kind of information they are looking for.

Take A Fresh Look at Customer Relations

At Flowbird, we are experts in devising innovative ways for companies to attract more leads and to turn the interest of customers into a reliable revenue stream using sales and CRM knowledge.

We can advise on e-mail marketing, content creation and lead capture strategies, and find an e-commerce solution that suits your firm’s unique needs. The end result will be leads, sales and loyal customers – the ideal combination for sustainable online success.

E-mail marketing is one of the best ways to create a bond between your customers and your firm, but it needs to be done well. Professionally written, personalised messages can arouse interest and improve customer relations. Poorly thought out marketing campaigns can turn clients off and ruin a firm’s online reputation, so enlisting expert e-mail marketers is essential.