The Secret to Making Marketing Automation Affordable

Making Marketing Automation Affordable

What's the secret to making marketing automation systems affordable?

'Why are marketing automation systems so expensive?' we hear you ask.

Luckily for you, we're going to share our top-secret tip for making marketing automation systems affordable for your small business.

Marketing automation platforms take the load and carry out the mundane, repetitive tasks so that you don't have to. They leave you the time to be creative and focus on other aspects of your small business.

However, we know that investing in marketing automation can still seem daunting and expensive.

There are lots of big players in the world of marketing automation platforms - and all of them are trying to take your money. Through all this noise, you need to scale things back and find a solution suited to the size of your business.

When you're just starting out with marketing automation, you don't need all the bells and whistles. The secret is to push the large, complex systems aside. They may be the ones shouting the loudest, but they're aimed at well-established companies and likely to be far more complex than your small business needs.

There are plenty of systems perfectly suited to smaller businesses, both in usability and price point. You might have to dig a little deeper to find them, but a solution suited to your needs is likely to also suit your budget.

Even the simple marketing automation systems are worth every penny. Whichever system you choose, you will find yourself reaping the benefits below.

Vital processes are automated and integrated

Marketing automation systems offer a lot of useful features. Some common features include email marketing, landing pages, web forms, lead scoring, website monitoring, CRM, reporting and segmentation. Work out which features are most valuable for your business, and find a platform that offers them.

As a small business owner or marketer, your life will become a lot easier when these vital features are integrated within a single system. After a little set-up work to get the system going, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Grow the system with your business

Many marketing automation systems don't have one fixed price point. The price you pay will often increase with the size of your database, the number of features you'd like and the number of users you need on the system. These are just a few of the variables.

As a small business, you should start off with a relatively small - and therefore budget-friendly - version. However, as you begin seeing a return on your investment, you can grow the system alongside your business.

See a return on your investment

Once you've found your ideal solution, you will need to invest both money and time to get it off the ground. However, if you use the system correctly, your resources will go a long way. If you’re new to marketing automation, a new system can take a bit of getting used to. Practice makes perfect and you'll need to spend a lot of time on a system to be able to get the most out of it.

At Flowbird, we use these systems every day and we know them inside out. We can guide you in using your marketing automation system yourself, or we can take the reigns and do it for you.

Use your resources more strategically

Analysis of your marketing efforts is essential for business growth. Intuitive reporting within a marketing automation platform makes analysing your campaigns easy.

You will gain insights into which efforts are successful (and which ones aren’t), giving you the ability to use your resources wisely. This will save you money in the long run. Ultimately, a good reporting system directs you to invest in profitable initiatives.

Does this mean your small business can afford a marketing automation system?

Yes, it does. Use our top tip and find the system that suits your small business's needs. Marketing automation will change the way you do business - for the better.

Leave the big players to the side for now. You can always revisit them as your business grows.

At Flowbird, we have experience with a number of different marketing automation platforms, and we help our clients choose the system that is best suited to them, price point and otherwise. Speak to one of us today to find out more.