We can help you select and implement CRM for your company

Whatever stage you’re at with your CRM journey, we can help.

Whether you need assistance with services already implemented or with potential future implementations, we can provide independent, unbiased reviews.

Why Do You Need A CRM System?

Flowbird offer a range of services to assist:

  • An  Audit of Your Current and Future Requirements – Process Mapping
  • Drawing Up Selection Criteria for Potential Suppliers
  • Handling Initial Potential Suppliers and Shortlisting
  • Ensuring Requirements Match
  • Project Management of Implementation
  • Post Implementation Reviews
  • Measuring CRM Return on Investment

Project definition

  • Initial project definition meeting
  • Project charter
  • Baseline project plan
  • Project team organisation (roles and responsibilities)


  • Finalised project plan
  • System specification
  • Project team training
  • End user training plan
  • Data conversion strategy


  • Configured system
  • Test cases
  • Data conversion
  • End user training

Go-live & support

  • Production system live
  • Post go-live support
  • Phase review

Project work packages

 While project phases describe the life-cycle of the implementation, work packages focus on the types of activities carried out during the course of the project.  Detailed below is a description of each work packages in the implementation methodology:

Project Management

The project management channel focuses on all activities regarding planning and definition of the project.  For example, development of the project plan is a project management deliverable contained in the project definition phase of the implementation. As part of all project teams, there will be a dedicated Flowbird CRM project manager, working alongside the designated client project manager, to co-ordinate all planning, definition, and resourcing issues.

Process Management

The process/system channel describes those activities involved with the actual design and development of the system.  Our team of experienced consultants will work alongside members of the project team to assess all business requirements and use a knowledge transfer approach in order to translate those requirements into a configured system.

Quality Control 

Quality is a vital factor in all Flowbird software implementation projects, and so we have developed rigorous quality control reviews/deliverables that are included at various points in the project, including a quality review at the end of each phase.


At Flowbird, we recognise the importance of effective and timely training in the success of any systems implementation. We have therefore incorporated detailed training and development deliverables into our implementation method.  We aim to have active involvement in the assigned training resource from an early stage, thus ensuring training material development is kept in line with progress on the project and, as a result, end users receive accurate and informative training.

Change Communications

All system implementations bring a certain level of change to the business, whether for select individuals, or whole divisions of the organisation. If not managed correctly, this change can have damaging results such as de-motivation in the workforce and even staff losses. At Flowbird, we include change management and communication as a key work package during the project life cycle, ensuring that any organisational change is appropriately introduced into the business, and communication is always a high priority.

We Have A Strategy and Experience

We have the experience to help you implement a successful CRM project. We guide you through the jargon of CRM “sales & marketing speak” that often creates assumptions and misunderstandings. We are there to translate the CRM vendor’s terminology into clear and precise communication.

A successfully implemented CRM solution can have a great impact on your company’s profitability. Your customers will be happy and you will have a better chance of retaining your customers for longer. A small reduction in customer attrition can have an amazing impact on profits.

The project doesn’t have to end when the chosen CRM is implemented. We work with our clients on a long term basis to ensure systems become reliant and that they are producing effective results. Our customer retention strategies will help improve customer retention and ultimately improve profits.