Why do you need lead magnets?

Lead magnets are essential for a successful sales and marketing strategy.  Using high-value content, you will attract new leads, educate them and build their trust in your business. When you have a wealth of high-quality content available on your website, prospects will begin to view you as a thought leader in your industry. By offering them a lead magnet in exchange for their contact details, you build a firm foundation for a relationship with your leads.

We’ll help you create and build lead magnet articles for publication across the Internet to attract the ideal customers for your business. Our articles will have at least two links back to your website page, with carefully selected keywords. This will improve your keyword ranking for each page on your website and thus promote your website as an authority on your particular chosen subject.

We design these high-quality lead magnet articles to fulfil the ‘awareness’ stage of the buyer’s journey. During this stage, a visitor becomes aware of the existence of your company, website and the services you offer. We create bespoke lead magnet articles and optimise them for search engine marketing. Once produced, we manually add our articles to various directories that have a high-ranking status. Each article is manually checked by an independent assessor to make sure it contains quality content.

Keyword Focused

We design our lead magnet articles around a single keyword phrase.

High Quality

Our articles are independently tested for quality writing and content.


Our lead magnet articles have at least 2 back-links to a relevant page on your website.

Social Media

We manually upload all our articles to the relevant social media platforms.

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