Lead Nurturing Strategies

Improve Lead Nurturing

To nurture a lead, you need to have a clear objective of what you are trying to achieve. Do you want to them download more information to establish a specific interest or book a meeting with your sales team?

Once the objective has been set then using a combination of emails, SMS messages, social media post or remarketing, you guide the lead through the process to your ultimate goals. Once this has been achieved, you can then progress them onto the next objective.

At Flowbird, we review every lead situation and build automations that guide the prospect through the buyer’s journey. This could be an autoresponder when a piece of content is downloaded from your website, through to a long term nurture campaign for leads that not quite ready to purchase just yet.

Increase in Sales Revenue

The end goal is always to increase your sales revenue. The number of click-throughs or Likes maybe nice and a part of the back for the marketing department, but they don’t pay the bills.

In the early stages of working with you, we will establish a lead revenue score. This calculation is based on your lead-to-customer ratio is and what the value of every lead is worth to you.  This gives us and you a success measurement we can all work towards.

At Flowbird, sales revenue is a core KPI on how successful we are. Sales revenue can come from several different sources and would also include campaigns to upsell and cross-sell to existing customers at the same time as lead generation.

Improve Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is about getting your existing customers to engage with your content in whatever format that is. By establishing your customer's interests and segmenting your data accordingly you can increase engagement by providing useful often educational information rather than sales and marketing bumf!

Once a contact becomes a customer, it’s vital to maintain good contact with relevant information. What does your customer need to know and that will help them in their role? Obviously, this should relate to your product or service but thinking laterally will certainly help.

At Flowbird our aim is to maintain contact with all customers of a minimum of once a month. We also building lists and segment data based on interests so that the information they receive is both useful and engaging.

Improve Marketing Productivity

Marketing productivity is primarily concerned with optimisation. For your marketing to be productive, every step needs to be assessed and optimised. This could be an AdWords campaign or and auto-response email.

You can vastly increase business if you are constantly assessing what is happening and then fine turn all the stages of a marketing campaign. As an example, if a landing page converts at just 1% of its visitors to leads, increasing it by just 1% increase in conversions is an improvement of 100%.

Keeping an eye on your marketing dashboard enables us to monitor the key metrics and adjust landing pages, AdWords campaigns, emails and automations campaigns. We make a minor adjustment to improve marketing productivity.

Improve Performance Measurability

Performance is at the core of what we do and with over 100 different report widgets to work with we get to know what is important to you.

To ensure complete openness to the work we do for you, you’ll have access to these reports and we discuss the performance of any part of the process and if things are not going well in a particular area we pay special attention.

Improve Customer Growth

Growing your customers is undoubtedly one of the most important objectives for a sales and marketing department. To maintain growth within a company of any size this should be a constant focus, yet most marketing departments are unsure how effective this process is.

The simple problem is that business can and does come from multiple sources and across multiple different platforms. This makes it difficult to track exactly what is and isn’t working.

At Flowbird we consider customer growth critical to the success of our campaigns. At the same time, our studying the source and path is vital to ensure to ensuring the success of any of our sales automation activities.

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