social media for lead captureSocial media has revolutionised the way your business generates B2B sales leads. For the first time, you can communicate with thousands of potential customers in real-time by using social media for lead capture.

However, it’s not as simple as jumping on a platform and sharing a post every now and then. Using social media for lead capture requires a systematic approach.

Here are a few ways your business can utilise the top social media platforms.

Social Media for Lead Capture: How to Use The Biggest Platforms


social-icon-facebookAll businesses with an online presence should have a blog. The best way to spread the word about your posts is by sharing them on Facebook.

However, posting sporadically won’t bring people to your site. You need to write informative posts that deliver value without relying on hard-sell for conversions.

Other effective methods of lead capture on Facebook include lead-capture forms (which are free), competitions and promoted posts. Also, make sure you actively engage with your Facebook followers.

At Flowbird, we have extensive experience using Facebook for lead capture. It’s a low-cost way of growing B2B sales through engagement and valuable content.



Whilst some businesses view the character limit imposed by Twitter as a drawback, you should view it as a benefit. A character limit forces marketers and decision makers to be concise with their messages.

Therefore, you need to create impactful and value-driven Tweets to cultivate interest in your products and services.

Twitter is a powerful tool for lead capture, but you need to cultivate a group of relevant followers for it to be effective. There are apps available that can help you target the users that are most likely to become customers.

You can add to your following by paying for targeted Promoted Tweets, but this shouldn’t take the place of organic reach.



Pinterest is a fast-growing social media platforms and most businesses can benefit from it. Whilst imagery plays a large part in most platforms, Pinterest is almost entirely visual in nature.

The platform relies on the sharing of photos, so make sure you add relevant, high-quality images to your content. For best results, always add Pinterest buttons to your content.

As a contrast to other platforms, Pinterest requires a more direct approach to lead capture. Create promotional cards and infographics that break down the benefits of your products or services into small, easily consumed pieces of information.

Success in using social media for lead capture requires engagement, communication and value. At Flowbird, we have direct experience in generating B2B leads through the effective use of social media platforms. You’ll be free to concentrate on running your business, whilst we put our marketing expertise to best use.

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