How to Use the Main Social Media Platforms for Lead Capture

wg_flat_style_social_iconsSocial media has instigated a revolution in the way B2B sales leads are generated on the internet. For the first time, businesses can communicate with thousands of potential customers in real-time. This enables businesses to cultivate relationships, better understand the preferences of customers and fully engage with a target audience of millions.

Lead generation on social media requires a systematic approach to content and engagement. There are some specific ways in which the main social media platforms can be utilised effectively.

Some of the Social Media Platforms


social-icon-facebookAll businesses with an online presence should have a blog, but simply updating it now and then won’t bring people to your site. You need to write informative posts that deliver value without relying on hard-sell for conversions. And the best way to spread the word about your posts is by sharing them on Facebook.

Other methods of lead capture that are effective on Facebook include lead-capture forms (which are free), competitions and promoted posts. Also, make sure your Facebook page is a community in which you converse and actively engage with ‘likers’. Flowbird Ltd has extensive experience in using Facebook for lead capture – growing B2B sales through engagement and the creation of valuable content.



Twitter Cards allow your followers to enter their contact information with a single click – in exchange for free gifts, competition entries and a range of other benefits. Twitter Cards are free, although they do need the setting up of payment information. While some businesses view the 140 character limit imposed by Twitter as a weakness, it should be viewed as a benefit. This is because a character limit forces marketers and decision makers to be concise with their messages. Create impactful and value-driven Tweets to cultivate interest in your products and services.

I am convinced Twitter is a hugely powerful tool in terms of lead capture – but it will only be effective if you cultivate a following of people who are relevant to your business. There are apps available that can help you to target relevant Twitter users who are most likely to become your customers in the future. You can add to your following by paying for targeted Promoted Tweets, but this shouldn’t take the place of organic reach and real value.



Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world now, and most businesses can benefit from it in some way. Largely visual in nature, Pinterest relies on the sharing of photos, so make sure you add relevant, high-quality images to your content at every opportunity.

However, it’s important to add Pinterest buttons to your content in accessible areas. If you want to be a little more direct with your approach to lead capture on Pinterest, create some promotional cards and infographics that break down the benefits of your products or services into small, easily consumed pieces of information .

Capturing leads using social media involves genuine engagement, two-way communication and the delivery of value to your followers. The marketing experts at Flowbird Ltd have direct experience in generating B2B leads through the effective use of social media platforms – which leaves you free to concentrate on running your business, growing sales and keeping your customers happy.


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