Hubspot Sales Enablement


If you’re running a business, surely you want to ensure that all the members of your team have the resources they need to get their job done quickly, efficiently, and effectively. This is especially important for your sales team who, if you want them to convert leads, close deals and drive revenue, will need to…

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Who Needs Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation

In 2022, asking whether your business needs marketing automation is like asking whether you need a website, a brand name, or even contact details: it is absolutely essential if you want to streamline and improve every aspect of your business’ marketing strategies. You can be assured that your competition is definitely using marketing automation -…

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Odoo CRM is it Any Good


To kick off with the very basics, we shall start by defining what Odoo is. It is a collection of business management software programs. The software is well-tailored to fit the business community because of its numerous activities that need proper management. The suite of programs was first released for public use in February 2005.…

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Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation

Marketing automation is fast becoming essential and indispensable to businesses, large and small, as the best way to market their services and products across multiple online channels. Automating repetitive tasks saves companies time and effort while maximising revenue and increasing that all-important customer base. 77% of top-performing companies are using marketing automation to pump up…

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Flowbird: Your Group Of Tech Experts

Flowbird group

Flowbird group – your tech experts We are Flowbird, a group of experts who specialise in business management solutions. We use our decades of expe rience and our unparalleled (even if we do say so ourselves) skills in marketing automation and CRM to help companies large and small to streamline their business processes and improve…

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Can an Active Campaign agency help your Financial Business?

Active Campaign Agency

Suppose you’re looking for a way to automate the marketing of your financial products and services. In that case, you don’t need to look any further than Active Campaign, a platform offering software for customer experience automation that combines email marketing, marketing automation, sales automation and CRM. This revolutionary system saves you and your team…

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Chamber of Commerce Interview with Jason Rainbird

Chamber of Commerce Interview

  When the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce wanted to interview little old me for their most recent issue of Thinking Business, I had two thoughts. Read the full interview here. One, it’s about time, and two, how can I get across how great we at Flowbird are to help businesses build value, enable our…

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Key Benefits of Using Automation in Your Business Processes

Automating your business

Business process automation is necessary for this era of information technology. However, some reluctant companies and individuals are less willing to adapt to a different practice. The fact is, as you keep operating without automating your processes, you will keep accumulating losses. Here are the key benefits of automating your business processes. Enhanced Operational Efficiency…

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Tired of Managing Your Business Across Multiple Platforms?

Odoo ERP

Streamline your processes with ERP and CRM As businesses lookout for ways to reduce their running costs and enhance their operational efficiencies while meeting business objectives and customer demands, popular ERP (enterprise resource planning) tools, like an ERP, are increasingly becoming valuable for all organisations, regardless of their sizes. By streamlining various business operations into…

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