What are the Key Benefits of Using Automation in Your Business Processes?

Automating your business

Business process automation is necessary for this era of information technology. However, some reluctant companies and individuals are less willing to adapt to a different practice. The fact is, as you keep operating without automating your processes, you will keep accumulating losses. Here are the key benefits of automating your business processes. Enhanced Operational Efficiency…

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Tired of managing your business across multiple platforms?

Odoo ERP

Streamline your processes with ERP and CRM As businesses lookout for ways to reduce their running costs and enhance their operational efficiencies while meeting business objectives and customer demands, popular ERP (enterprise resource planning) tools, like an ERP, are increasingly becoming valuable for all organisations, regardless of their sizes. By streamlining various business operations into…

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How to Be More Time Effective With Your Internal Automation

How to Be More Time Effective With Your Online Marketing

How to Be More Time Effective With Your Online Marketing Great marketing doesn’t have to take huge amounts of your time. When you know what works and what doesn’t, you can streamline your efforts and make more of an impact. Much of your written content can be repurposed across different platforms, from social media to…

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The Secret to Making Marketing Automation Affordable

Making Marketing Automation Affordable

What’s the secret to making marketing automation systems affordable? ‘Why are marketing automation systems so expensive?’ we hear you ask. Luckily for you, we’re going to share our top-secret tip for making marketing automation systems affordable for your small business. Marketing automation platforms take the load and carry out the mundane, repetitive tasks so that…

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Using Inbound Marketing

using inbound marketing

If you have a great product to sell, skilled staff, a market that demands what you offer, and a slick web presence, what else do you need? All those things are important. However, to succeed on the web, you need to pay attention to how customers are attracted to your website, how they are enticed…

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What Will the Inbound Marketing Industry Be Like in 4 Years?

What Will the Inbound Marketing Industry Look Like in 4 Years?

However, by looking at past and current trends, we should be able to put together some pictures of what the inbound marketing industry will look like in just 4 years’ time. Inbound marketing in the next four years Inbound marketing is a relatively new technique that’s quickly been taken on-board by more and more companies.…

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Why Is Data Analysis Important For Inbound Marketing Success?

inbound marketing success

At Flowbird, we provide a wide range of inbound marketing services which can revolutionise the way online sellers operate, raising them to a new level of success and profitability. These stretch from search engine optimisation to customer relationship management, home page design and email marketing. However, having robust analytics in place is crucial to a…

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6 Signs You Need Help With B2B Lead Generation

6 Signs You Need Help with B2B lead generation

B2B lead generation is at the core of any business’s success There are some telltale signs that your business is struggling to recruit enough B2B leads to generate profit. If you notice any of these signs in your business, it’s time to bring in the experts. You are placing too much responsibility on sales representatives It’s…

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