New Pipedrive Projects Functionality

Pipedrive projects

Initiating the after-sales process need not be tricky at all, enabling precise and flexible project management with end-to-end visibility just got easier with the new project functionality in Pipedrive. This functionality is a key enabler to keeping all your data in one place, tracking your project plan and activities and letting your teams add notes…

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Customer Retention Techniques

As a business owner it’s always a cause for celebration when you get a new customer but, when it comes to increasing revenue, just ‘having’ customers isn’t enough… You need to keep hold of them! Customer retention is a business strategy that means just that; keeping your customers coming back for more and staying loyal…

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 B2B Customer Retention

Customer Retention

B2B customer retention isn’t something that’s getting a lot of focus these days – but why? It could be that those who are running B2B companies think they can rest on their laurels when it comes to customer service – after all, surely you don’t need to put in the same effort with a ‘company…

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Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation

Marketing automation is fast becoming essential and indispensable to businesses, large and small, as the best way to market their services and products across multiple online channels. Automating repetitive tasks saves companies time and effort while maximising revenue and increasing that all-important customer base. 77% of top-performing companies are using marketing automation to pump up…

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Flowbird: Your Group Of Tech Experts

Flowbird group

Flowbird group – your tech experts We are Flowbird, a group of experts who specialise in business management solutions. We use our decades of expe rience and our unparalleled (even if we do say so ourselves) skills in marketing automation and CRM to help companies large and small to streamline their business processes and improve…

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Strengthening Customer Relations: What We Need To Know

Customer Relations

As a business owner, you obviously want customers. And as much as some of them could be a pain in the proverbial at times, the financial success of your business is very much dependent on your relationship with them.  Building good, strong customer relations is the main way you’re going to keep hold of long-term…

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Keeping your existing customers with marketing automation

Customer Retention from Flowbird

Did you know that getting new customers costs 5-7 times more than keeping hold of the ones you’ve got? It’s true – the research doesn’t lie! This means that you, as a business owner, need to make your customer retention strategies one of your top priorities.  And it’s not just about repeat business; if…

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Chamber of Commerce Interview with Jason Rainbird

Chamber of Commerce Interview

  When the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce wanted to interview little old me for their most recent issue of Thinking Business, I had two thoughts. Read the full interview here. One, it’s about time, and two, how can I get across how great we at Flowbird are to help businesses build value, enable our…

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What is Web-Based ERP, and How Can it Grow Businesses

Web based erp

The key to business operation depends on business management solutions, resource utilisation, and planning. Therefore, the business will allocate the right resources in the right field, which will lead to effective business project execution. Any business needs to have a resource management system running since all businesses are about resources. Many companies have depended on…

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CRM, the perfect solution to increasing customer retention

Odoo ERP

Key Benefits of Implementing a CRM System Into Your Business When it comes to customer relationship management, there’s no shortage of solutions. Many CRM software systems have been developed in recent years, each with benefits and drawbacks. Many companies are left wondering which platform is the best solution for them and their needs. A CRM…

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