Strengthening Customer Relations: What We Need To Know

Customer Relations

As a business owner, you obviously want customers. And as much as some of them could be a pain in the proverbial at times, the financial success of your business is very much dependent on your relationship with them.  Building good, strong customer relations is the main way you’re going to keep hold of long-term…

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Marketing Strategies: The Importance of Traffic Generation

traffic generation

It’s loud and crowded online, and if your marketing strategies aren’t making your business stand out, you’re just going to be among many – that’s if you even get noticed at all! Your website is vital when it comes to enticing prospective buyers; it’s the online face of your business, and this is why traffic…

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Keeping Your Existing Customers With CRM And Marketing Automation

Customer Retention from Flowbird

Did you know that getting new customers costs 5-7 times more than keeping hold of the ones you’ve got? It’s true – the research doesn’t lie! This means that you, as a business owner, need to make your customer retention strategies one of your top priorities.  And it’s not just about repeat business; if…

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What is Web-Based ERP, and How Can it Grow Businesses

Web based erp

The key to business operation depends on business management solutions, resource utilisation, and planning. Therefore, the business will allocate the right resources in the right field, which will lead to effective business project execution. Any business needs to have a resource management system running since all businesses are about resources. Many companies have depended on…

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Relationships with your customers

why your relationships with your customers can make or break your business

Why Your Relationships with Your Customers Can Make or Break Your Business? The adage that the customer is always right still holds. Today, more than ever, new businesses need to appreciate how important it is to maintain happy customer relationships. Starting a new business is no mean feat. But masterful customer relationship management could be…

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Sales Incentives as a CRM Strategy

Repeat Customer Sales Incentives: Are They Part of Your CRM Strategy?

CRM Strategy To be successful, you need to drive sales numbers and revenues upwards. It requires you to attract more customers. Additionally, you need to keep existing customers loyal. Ensure that they return to your company to make purchases time and time again. Enticing customers to make repeat purchases is one of the critical components…

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Benefits of Inbound Marketing For Your Business

The Benefits of Inbound Marketing For Your Business

Many marketers are still clutching at straws in the dark. They invest time and money in campaigns despite not knowing if they’ll work. It’s therefore unsurprising that many marketing campaigns fall far short of their aims. How can inbound marketing help? Before the internet, poorly thought through campaigns were a common occurrence. However, marketing has…

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What the Best B2B Customer Retention Pros Do

customer retention pros

In order to become the best, it is wise to learn from the best – and customer retention is no different. Any business that is looking to stay sharp and ahead of the pack needs to adopt the strategies employed by the customer retention pros.  Find new ways to retain customers and attract fresh new sales. How…

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Customer Management – What Nobody is Talking About!

The Best Kept Customer Management Secret In order to become focused on your customers’ wants, needs and experiences, you need to ask and answer some difficult questions. Asking targeted questions gains more customers, more word-of-mouth referrals, a better brand image and, ultimately, a better bottom line. Consequently, you need to listen to your customers and…

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