• What is marketing automation

Marketing Automation Means What?

Marketing Automation Marketing automation is custom designed for successful online marketing, across all channels. Smart marketeers looking for great returns via the Internet should seriously consider the wealth of benefits provided by these software packages. What is Marketing Automation? An automated approach to marketing works hand-in-glove with company websites and apps in a

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Why Should Your Company Use Automated Marketing Tools?

Automation is going to change the way we live – whether it’s self-driving cars or automatic health monitors. But what many small and medium sized companies fail to realise is that automation can change their business prospects right now. There is no need to wait for the future to arrive. You can automate many areas of

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What is all this talk about funnel marketing?

If you are remotely involved with sales, then you will probably have heard about the wonders of funnel marketing. But what is this technique all about, and how can companies use it to their advantage? Funnel Marketing: A clear-sighted way to visualise the customer experience The "funnel" refers to the "sales funnel" - a metaphor

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