Marketing Strategies: The Importance of Traffic Generation

traffic generation

It’s loud and crowded online, and if your marketing strategies aren’t making your business stand out, you’re just going to be among many – that’s if you even get noticed at all! Your website is vital when it comes to enticing prospective buyers; it’s the online face of your business, and this is why traffic…

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Keeping Your Existing Customers With CRM And Marketing Automation

Customer Retention from Flowbird

Did you know that getting new customers costs 5-7 times more than keeping hold of the ones you’ve got? It’s true – the research doesn’t lie! This means that you, as a business owner, need to make your customer retention strategies one of your top priorities.  And it’s not just about repeat business; if…

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New features of Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive CRM Features

You really can’t afford to rest on your laurels in customer relationships as a business owner. So good CRM technology is essential for managing your interactions with your current customers – and potential new ones! A decent CRM system will help you build those customer relationships and streamline your business processes to increase your sales,…

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How Can Using a CRM System Make You 10x More Productive?


It’s easy for a business to become overwhelmed by copious amounts of information and data regarding customer transactions, employees and sales. If a business is unable to organise this data efficiently, then staff productivity will definitely be slowed to a crawl. Several businesses now rely on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to streamline everyday workflow in…

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The Benefits of CRM Software For Sports and Leisure Companies

ERP Software For Sports and Leisure

We like taking vacations or participating in sports; the sports and leisure industry relies solely on customer satisfaction to thrive. People usually prefer reliability, and a manager wants to deliver exactly what the customer wants. CRM Software will enable the manager to monitor income streaming, ease sales management, and be competitive with rival firms. This…

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Tired of managing your business across multiple platforms?

Odoo ERP

Streamline your processes with ERP and CRM As businesses lookout for ways to reduce their running costs and enhance their operational efficiencies while meeting business objectives and customer demands, popular ERP (enterprise resource planning) tools, like an ERP, are increasingly becoming valuable for all organisations, regardless of their sizes. By streamlining various business operations into…

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How to Be More Time Effective With Your Internal Automation

How to Be More Time Effective With Your Online Marketing

How to Be More Time Effective With Your Online Marketing Great marketing doesn’t have to take huge amounts of your time. When you know what works and what doesn’t, you can streamline your efforts and make more of an impact. Much of your written content can be repurposed across different platforms, from social media to…

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Making the most out of digital marketing

Type of Digital Marketing

With the Internet becoming more accessible daily, people going online is rapidly increasing. It’s a perfect time to ensure your digital campaigns perform at the highest standard, ensuring you gain the results you need to get through these troubled times. So how exactly can you make the most out of your digital marketing? One of…

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