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The Buyer’s Journey

The buyer’s journey is a vital concept in inbound marketing.

It is a concept that is extensively used by Hubspot in their inbound methodology. As the name suggests, it depicts the journey of the buyer from their awareness of your company and through to their becoming part of your customer base.

The Awareness Stage

Stage One

The awareness stage is the stage in which the buyer has recognised a potential opportunity or a problem that they need to solve.

The buyer does some non-specific research on their issue.

Ideal Content:

  • Blog articles
  • eBooks

The Consideration Stage

Stage Two

In the consideration stage the buyer understands exactly what their issue is, and has ideas on how to solve it.

The buyer does some more specific research on the options available for their problem or opportunity.

Ideal Content:

  • Expert opinions and guides
  • Videos tutorials

The Decision Stage

Stage Three

The decision stage is the stage in which the buyer is choosing exactly how (and with whose help) they are going to solve their problem.

The buyer compares options and makes a choice.

Ideal content:

  • Free trial
  • Free consultation

How Flowbird can help:

Using the buyer’s journey, we design content to target potential customers on specific stages of their journey. We offer a number of services to aid in the progression of potential customers along the journey. Such services include content creation, article promotion and email marketing.

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