The Reason Why Everyone Loves Online Email Marketing

loves Online Email MarketingBack in the days when the internet was new and users were excited, email was one of the things that you got excited about. Everyone was interested in having an email account and the free email accounts from Hotmail and AOL went like hotcakes. Online email marketing worked because email was hot and new.

Remember that amazing “You’ve Got Mail” phrase that made all of us as excited as getting the junk mail when we were kids. We’ve come a long way.  After nearly 20 years of “An unclaimed inheritance can be yours” and climbing a veritable Mt Everest of spam and junk email, it’s safe to say that the thrill of getting email –the appeal of email for selling products is gone. . . or is it?

Is online email marketing still a reasonable technique for those who want to sell a product? Do people actually open and respond to emails? The answer is a resounding “Yes.”

Why Online Email Marketing is a Viable Option for Marketers

Email still has massive appeal and real value to business owners. You can find multiple reasons for our love of email.

Email is Easy to Use and is Well Suited for All Technology

Firstly, email is an easy way to reach prospective customers. Your website may have problems. It may not always be perfectly suited to a given mobile technology but email doesn’t have that issue. Despite your using a Blackberry or an iPhone or an iPad or a Windows phone, email is going to be suitable to approach the customer and to bring them your products or services.

Email is Usually Free

You can use email extensively and it is available for the cost of a server and little more. For those who want to use email automation—as is a good idea for larger lists, the cost is still nominal. Texting, regular mail and telephone may all cost fees, but email remains free of charge.

Email is Effective at Communicating

Email is one of the most effective types of communication for the price that you pay. The reason for that is that email allows you to send text, to send links and to add and incorporate photos into your messages and those are still free of charge. Texting often costs extra for the inclusion of photos, making mobile texting far less effective than email communication.

Email is Easy

No matter what kind of phone or computer or other item that the recipient has, email is easy to use and accepting an email is something that literally everyone, from the youngest to the older person knows how to do.  You can customise it for a given group or person, add in-line photos, and offer unique coupons to help people to buy your products or services for a lower price.

What’s the Bottom Line?

The point of the whole missive is that email, while being an old-fashioned technique, is still one that everyone knows and that is effective for many purposes. Marketing via email is something that can be effective for everyone, from the most technically inclined to the least technically inclined person.

Marketing with email, particularly if you’re automating your email sending is–despite its age and longevity—still cutting edge.

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Marketing these days can be difficult. However automating your marketing can put you ahead of game. It takes a little bit of work to get things set-up but once in place it will continue 'talking' to your prospects until they are ready to talk to you.
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