Marketing Automation vs. CRM

Top Tips To Save Time and Work More Efficiently

Marketing Automation vs. CRM

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All of us would benefit from tweaking at least a few elements of our busy schedules so that we could become more efficient.

Do you find yourself spending so much time on marketing tasks that you don’t have time to spend on other areas of your business? Do you find dynamic processes take up your time? You want to ensure you’re not missing opportunities and prioritise your time effectively. So how do we become more effective? Are you looking for top tips to save time?

We have listed our top tips to save time using our five go-to systems.


A social media management tool, Hootsuite enables you to monitor and schedule all your social media content from one platform. You can save time with the handy bulk upload and manage all your social media channels, including your clients' social media channels, from one single dashboard. Hootsuite also has a google extension allowing you to share information whilst browsing the internet quickly.


Marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot allow you to automate many marketing tasks. If you’re currently doing these tasks manually, they will be very time-consuming. By automating your marketing efforts, you will spend more time on other aspects of your business and have a more beneficial and effective marketing solution. If you’d like any advice or support on automating your marketing, we’re more than happy to assist.


Xero is online accounting software that helps you save time on your paperwork. This accounting software is perfect for small businesses. It’s fast, reliable and has essential time-saving tools to help enable the growth of your business. QuickBooks is another online accounting software perfect for small businesses; it’s time-friendly, it has customisable invoice templates and real-time payment tracking and invoice scheduling tools.


Our go-to project management platform, Odoo, allows you to track all your projects from start to finish, including your time on each project. By monitoring time against each project and organising tasks, it’s almost sure that you’ll increase your productivity and the productivity of your whole team.

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If you'd like any help or more information on our top tips to save time, please don't hesitate to contact us.