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Triggered Messaging

Triggered messaging allows you to communicate with your contacts in real time. Using information on your contacts’s activity on your website, you can develop a picture of what your contacts are interested in.

You can set up triggered, dynamic emails for abandoned baskets, recommended products and purchase confirmations. This allows you to interact with your contacts in a timely fashion.

How does it work?

Behind the scenes, your website can match visitor email addresses with the webpages they’ve visited. Put simply, once a visitor has given you their email address, the system records their browsing history on your site. You can then use the information on their interactions with your website to tailor triggered emails.

Using segmentation

Segment your contacts into those visiting particular pages or paying interest in certain products. Use these segmentations to trigger emails that upsell relevant products or services.

Additionally, segment your contacts by their position in the buyer’s journey. You can then tailor your communications to be most appropriate to trigger their next actions.

Ultimately, triggered messaging enables personalised communications to be automatically fired based on your contacts’ interactions with your website. It works best when combined with segmentation and dynamic content.

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