using inbound marketing

Using Inbound Marketing

using inbound marketingIf you have a great product to sell, skilled staff, a market that demands what you offer, and a slick web presence, what else do you need?

All those things are important. However, to succeed on the web, you need to pay attention to how customers are attracted to your website, how they are enticed to learn more about your products, and, eventually, how they can be persuaded to make a purchase.

That’s where inbound marketing comes in handy. Inbound marketing is a specialist field that involves optimising commercial websites to attract as many customers as possible.

With a little technical wizardry, tailored content and marketing savvy, inbound marketing professionals can deliver huge benefits for manufacturing firms in the B2B marketplace.

The building blocks for a successful inbound marketing strategy

Content is the basis for any effective online marketing strategy – whether you are selling components for air conditioning units or consulting services for dog grooming firms.

However, building up the right portfolio of postings is not a simple matter. Inbound marketing professionals can create the right blend of social media sites, blog postings, e-mail briefings and video content. Marketing experts can ensure your website has a high search engine rank.

This means B2B clients automatically visit your website when they browse for products – a key first step in the purchasing process. The algorithms that search engines use are becoming more sophisticated every month. To be effective, content needs to be well written, informative and keyword rich – a tough balancing act.

Inbound marketing experts have the writing skills and technical ability to satisfy the demands of clients and search engine algorithms alike.

Nurture relationships with a solid marketing system

Businesses thrive if they can create long-lasting relationships with key clients. With a base of clients who know your brand and are willing to make repeat purchases, businesses can secure a strong position in their market niche.

Inbound marketing focuses on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) at all stages of the process. Firstly, lead nurturing is critical. Before clients have even seen your website, they can be encouraged to visit and learn about your services by setting up the right SEO strategy and raising visibility on social media sites and trade publications.

When clients enter your site, a well designed ‘sales funnel’ can persuade them to sign up for regular e-mail updates. A solid blog will encourage them to visit your site regularly, while a well presented catalogue shows off your product range. The result is increased sales and an engaged, loyal customer base.

Finally, inbound marketing can help retain customers. Different messaging strategies can be applied to each segment of your customer base. Instead of spamming customers with detail and poorly produced messages, inbound marketers can create attractive content that attracts repeat purchases, instead of alienating customers.

Add these factors together, and it's clear that the inbound marketing services offered by Flowbird are valuable tools for all UK based service companies.