It’s not surprising that many companies choose to overlook telemarketing as a marketing and retention strategy.

However, well-formulated and targeted telemarketing is still a communication option that offers a lot of value. If you choose the right message at the right time, the recipients of your telemarketing may well be more responsive than you’d hope.

Delight your customers with sensitive telemarketing strategies

Crafting a telemarketing campaign that actually works is not as difficult as you might think. At the end of the day, if you’re offering a genuinely good product or service, your contacts should be open to the idea of giving you their business.

Many companies fail with telemarketing purely because what they’re offering just isn’t good enough. If your customer service is poor or your prices are too high, no one will want to stay on the phone to hear about it.

When you’ve got your customer’s attention, you need to focus on your company’s strengths and successes. The first few seconds of a phone call are vital for grabbing their attention and nurturing a genuine interest in your company. These few seconds are make or break.

You need to give your customers a real reason to listen. They’re giving up their time to talk to you, and you need to make it worth it for them. Make the call about what they will gain from you; not about what you want them to do for you. Humour doesn’t hurt in building a rapport with your contacts, but keep the tone respectful.

Make your customers feel valued

This is crucial to any successful telemarketing strategy. Whatever you think about telemarketing, it’s a simple fact that you are cold calling a stranger who doesn’t know you, and they’re probably going to have their guard up.

Start the conversation by thanking them by name for their time. Personalising the call will make them feel more at ease and less like they are just another number in the crowd.

Companies that take the time to get to know their customers have a much higher chance of succeeding with their telemarketing efforts. Make customers feel even more valued by displaying knowledge of their purchase history.

Additionally, combining your telemarketing efforts with both written and email communications will maximise your impact. However, try not to overload your customers as this could leave them feeling pestered.

The aim of telemarketing is to engage and delight your customers. Some simple first steps are to ensure that you’re speaking clearly and directly to them. Try to understand their own personal needs and relationships with your company, and answer any questions as fully as you can.

It can be difficult to relate to thousands of customers in this way, but a bit of research and personality can really make a difference in the success of your telemarketing efforts.

At Flowbird, we believe that telemarketing is a vital component of the marketing and CRM strategies of many businesses. Contact us today and we can help you use marketing in the best way to gather and delight your customers.