What Will the Inbound Marketing Industry Be Like in 4 Years?

inbound marketing industry

However, by looking at past and current trends, we should be able to put together some pictures of what the inbound marketing industry will look like in just 4 years’ time.

Inbound marketing in the next four years

Inbound marketing is a relatively new technique that’s quickly been taken on-board by more and more companies. One thing we are almost certain of is that inbound marketing is going to become a lot more mainstream.

When the big corporations start to realise how smaller companies are managing to compete at their level, they are going to snap up inbound marketing in no time. If you are already involved in the marketing of one of these larger companies, you are likely already testing the waters of inbound.

As well as becoming more mainstream, the inbound marketing industry is likely to branch out into other, more traditional sectors, such as manufacturing and distribution. It will no longer be an approach taken on solely by online businesses.

Again, if you are in one of these industries, you may well already be taking on some inbound marketing techniques to gain an advantage over your competitors.

Changes in technology will change inbound marketing

As mentioned above, predicting technology changes is notoriously difficult. There are, however, some trends that we can already see. Google is constantly adapting its mechanisms, taking a greater focus on how people are searching.

Many users call on Google to find answers to questions. Consequently, Google is actively changing its technology to better reflect a question and answer structure. Savvy content managers are therefore adjusting their website content to present more question and answer type structures on their websites.

The proliferation of platforms used for inbound marketing

The number of channels that customers use to find out about and engage with your company is only going to increase. Blogs, social media platforms, websites and mobile sites will keep appearing and multiplying. Each will have its own subtle nuances, demanding carefully crafted content to make the most of the media.

That said, there is bound to be a move away from ‘keyword-stuffing’ and other dubious SEO practices. More of a focus will be on genuinely useful information, which can only be good news.

Automation in inbound marketing

That proliferation of platforms is going to increase the time that needs to be spent on your inbound marketing activities. This is going to demand a more strategic and automated approach. Technologies like Infusionsoft will become ever more important. They will help ensure that your inbound marketing strategy is managed properly and consistently. It is therefore likely that such solutions will become increasingly widespread.

The future

To sum up, inbound marketing is going to become more important, more widespread and more complex. It will demand a more structured approach, which will require greater use of technological solutions to deliver the desired results. At Flowbird, we offer technological solutions to help you get the most out of your inbound marketing efforts. Contact us today to find out more.