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Why Is Data Analysis Important For Inbound Marketing Success?

inbound marketing successAt Flowbird, we provide a wide range of inbound marketing services which can revolutionise the way online sellers operate, raising them to a new level of success and profitability. These stretch from search engine optimisation to customer relationship management, home page design and email marketing. However, robust analytics is crucial to a successful inbound marketing strategy. Here's why.

Analytics keep you informed about your sales performance to improve revenues.

Online business is only as strong as the data that it collects. Without a well-designed metrics system in place, a company will have no idea whether its marketing system makes a difference.

At Flowbird, we monitor various metrics, providing the tools to analyse. The findings of these analyses are used to formulate effective inbound sales strategies. These strategies are then analysed in the future, producing a virtuous circle of constant research and improvement.

Successful online marketing is not a single investment but an ongoing process that ends only when the company ceases to operate. It requires that the right metrics constantly deliver usable data and that companies never let their attention waver.

What kind of data can inbound marketers analyse?

Traffic is a crucial metric for companies seeking to maximise their sales. It is the raw volume of visitors to a particular site.

Skilful inbound marketers can divide a site's traffic into individual pages and determine how long visitors spend on each page. This information can optimise the site's design to convert more visitors into sales.

Analysts also gather information about how long visitors spend on the site to determine whether their designs attract attention. They monitor what percentage of visitors go on to make a sale. It is a crucial measure of how effective its marketing techniques are.

Skilled marketing analysts can monitor whether web users talk about a firm's campaigns and products. They can log the number of inbound links. It is a vital metric as inbound links help with SEO rankings.

When email-based CRM strategies are in place, analysts can see how many recipients have 'clicked-through' and visited the site, helping to fine-tune future email contact. They can also check on metrics like the rate of customers who unsubscribe from email lists or social media feeds.

Why does analysis matter to online businesses?

Inbound marketers cannot succeed without having high-quality information at their fingertips. A thoroughly designed marketing system can interact with beautiful web pages, SEO optimisation, strong content and a quality product. Still, slight errors can lead to low visitor numbers and poor CRM performance.

Companies can adapt to changing circumstances as market demand alters. With the proper analysis, errors are minimised. The result is that you will constantly optimise a company's return on investment instead of leaking away into marketing strategies that fail.

At Flowbird, we seek to make our clients succeed using the data you need and the analysis that matters.