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Managing Relationships Better: The Perfect Sales Cycle

Join us for a workshop that will transform your sales and customer relationships. Discover how every interaction can be an opportunity for growth. Our 'Manage Relationships Better: The Perfect Sales Cycle' workshop is designed to revolutionise your customer lifecycle and boost business growth. Come and experience it for yourself!

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Perfect Sales Cycle
The perfect sales cycle

The innovative method to prevent leads and customers from slipping through the cracks

The objective of this workshop is to transform the traditional approach to the customer lifecycle, addressing common pitfalls that hinder small business growth. Participants will be guided to understand and implement the 'The Perfect Sales Cycle,' a concept that promises to revitalise their business strategies and marketing efforts. 

Our expert-led sessions will provide you with the insights and tools needed to revitalise your sales strategy. You'll discover how to avoid common pitfalls, optimise customer attraction, and master lead management.

  • Identifying Areas of Waste in Your Business
  • Attract and Retain Quality Customers
  • Nurture Leads at Every Stage
  • Efficient Use of CRM Technologies
  • Developing an Actionable Growth Plan
  • Building Long-term Customer Relationships

Meet Our Experts

Our Facilitators have decades of experience implementing The Perfect Sales Cycle

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Rebecca Alksnitis

Commercial Director

With over 20 years of experience, Rebecca helps clients optimise their CRM and Automation platforms. She enjoys running marathons and racing on her Peleton.

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Jason Rainbird

Managing Director

With 20+ years of Sales & CRM experience, Jason drives our innovative solutions for clients. In his spare time, he enjoys flying drones and dreaming of becoming a UAV pilot.


Louis Tomlinson

Sales Manager

Louis helps businesses win deals by leveraging his background in Sales and CRM management to establish sales enablement strategies and optimise workflows for revenue growth.

What You Will Learn

Our workshop, 'Managing Relationships Better: The Perfect Sales Cycle', is a game-changer for entrepreneurs and sales professionals. It's not just a training session; it's a catalyst for enduring business transformation.

  • Identifying Areas of Waste in Your Business
  • Mastering Customer Attraction Strategies
  • Advanced Lead Management Techniques
  • Leveraging CRM Technology for Growth
  • Developing an Actionable Growth Plan
  • Building Long-term Customer Relationships