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Our Sales, CRM and Automation Services

With our technical knowledge and experience, we can help you develop an effective business strategy.

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The Complete Sales & CRM Package

Flowbird Services are flexible. Some clients require us to take charge of their CRM and marketing; others want us to point them in the right direction by providing training. We can help you achieve your objectives and impact your contacts with our custom approach.

We offer packages centred around your business and its needs – whether you are entirely new to sales, CRM and automation or need your knowledge topping up. If you require training, our courses can cover specific areas requested by you, or we can custom-design a scheme to cover all bases. We deliver your training in a convenient place for you: on-site or even online.

We offer solutions to help you reduce the losses in your business using sales and marketing automation.

What can Flowbird do for your business?

CRM technology is vital for managing your interactions with both current and prospective customers


CRM Consultancy

Flowbird tailors our consultancy to meet the unique needs of your business, ensuring that every process is aligned with your goals and objectives. Whether you're setting up a new CRM software or optimising your current system, our team of consultants are here to guide you every step of the way. 


CRM Implementation

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is software that helps companies manage their interactions with customers and clients. Through advanced analytics and customisable features, CRM systems allow businesses to anticipate customer needs, tailor communications, and deliver exceptional services. 


Sales Automation

We love automation here at Flowbird. But it's about more than just simplifying your day-to-day. Automation allows you to say goodbye to mundane, repetitive tasks and hello to analysing data, streamlining your processes and building lasting client relationships.


Email Automation

Email automation is a key component in a successful inbound marketing strategy. It's not merely about sending out blasts of emails to a vast audience; it's about leveraging sophisticated tools to create personalised, timely, and highly relevant messages that resonate with each recipient. 


Customer Retention

In today's competitive market, the implementation of effective customer retention strategies is crucial for small businesses. Customer retention services help businesses retain customers through the analysis of customer behaviour, preferences, and needs, to develop a personalised strategy that ensures they return for more.


Lead Nurture

Nurturing leads is essential for developing high-quality prospects. Without a steady influx of leads, businesses hit a standstill. Websites are essential tools for pulling in potential customers and guiding them down the sales funnel. It's at this stage that you can effectively engage them with valuable information and enticing offers.

What is your priority?

Sales enablement

In today's competitive marketplace, the key to unlocking your sales team's full potential lies in effective sales enablement strategies. This is where our specialised CRM consultancy steps in, to transform how you engage with and support your customers. By harnessing the power of advanced CRM solutions, we provide you with the tools and insights needed to refine your sales processes, enhance customer engagement, and ultimately drive growth. Let us help you transform your sales enablement approach and achieve the success your business deserves.

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Convert more leads

Having a long list of leads is one thing, but converting those leads into customers is the real challenge. Our strategies are crafted from a deep understanding of consumer behaviour, combined with cutting-edge techniques that are proven to engage and convert. Whether you're looking to revitalise your approach or start fresh, we're here to ensure that every lead is not just a potential customer, but a future success story. Let us help you transform your leads into your most valuable assets.

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Lifecycle management

Lifecycle management is a critical practice that helps businesses manage their products and services throughout their entire lifecycle. By adopting this approach, organisations can improve efficiency, reduce costs, enhance quality, and increase customer satisfaction, ultimately leading to long-term success and sustainability. 

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