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Our Sales, CRM and Automation Services

We pride ourselves on delivering a complete Sales & CRM service for our customers, covering the complete sales process from start to finish (and beyond). With our technical knowledge and experience, we can help you develop an effective business strategy.

CRM Consultancy

Flowbird offers a range of services to assist. Whether you need assistance with existing services or potential future implementations, we provide independent, unbiased reviews.


Sales Automation

At Flowbird, we love automation. However, it does more than make your lives easier. It means saying goodbye to mundane, repetitive tasks and saying hello to working with data and developing campaigns that make an impact. It also means you can meet the high expectations of your contacts.



CRM Implementation

A CRM, or customer relationship management system, is software that helps companies manage their interactions with customers and clients. It's a tool that can help businesses streamline their sales processes, track customer behaviour and preferences, and ultimately build stronger relationships with their customer base.


Email Automation

Customers are key in inbound marketing; treating them well is vital to secure the most significant rewards. A fundamental way of managing customer relationships is via databases of their email addresses, and the kind of modern email marketing championed by Flowbird can deliver impressive sales results. However, it would help if you remembered some things when adopting an email-based marketing scheme.


Customer Retention

Deciding whether to stick or twist isn’t just a problem for card players. It’s also a common dilemma for small and medium-sized businesses.

On the one hand, you need to expand your sales efforts to attract more leads and open up new customer groups. On the other hand, if you focus too much on developing new leads, you can neglect your loyal customer base, and they might go elsewhere the next time they need to make an order.


Lead Nurture

Lead nurturing is essential to develop high-quality leads. Without leads, there is nowhere for a business to go. Anyone with a website relies on attracting customers and drawing them into the sales funnel. From there, you can nurture them with information and offers.


The Complete Sales & CRM Package

Flowbird Services are flexible. Some clients require us to take charge of their CRM and marketing; others want us to point them in the right direction by providing training. We can help you achieve your objectives and impact your contacts with our custom approach.

We offer packages centred around your business and its needs – whether you are entirely new to sales, CRM and automation or need your knowledge topping up. If you require training, our courses can cover specific areas requested by you, or we can custom-design a scheme to cover all bases. We deliver your training in a convenient place for you: on-site or even online.

We offer solutions to help you reduce the losses in your business using sales and marketing automation.

What is your priority?

  • Focus on sales enablement with CRM consultancy
  • Focus on converting more leads
  • Focus on prioritising and making leads sales-ready
  • Focus on traffic generation

We can work with you to deliver a solution if you have a CRM platform. If you have no CRM, we can advise and help implement a solution to your specific needs. If you repeat something more than three times, you should consider automating it. With CRM automation software, you can automate simple processes such as following up with prospects, welcoming new customers, and asking for referrals.