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SURFE - Your CRM and LinkedIn Integration Solution

A Simpler and Faster Way to Get Leads

Revolutionise Your B2B Lead Generation with SURFE

Did you know that over 80% of B2B leads are generated through LinkedIn? Yet, the platform isn’t optimised for sales. That’s where Surfe comes in. We seamlessly integrate your CRM with LinkedIn, making prospecting, contact entry, and deal management easier than ever.

Effortless Contact Addition

With Surfe, you can add LinkedIn contacts to your CRM with just a single click. You can even export entire SalesNav contact lists all at once, saving you precious time.

Contact Enrichment at Its Best

Surfe automatically sources verified emails and keeps your contacts updated. Improve your sales performance with high-quality data.

Stay Updated with CRM Contacts

Never miss out when someone in your CRM changes their position or company. Surfe keeps you notified!

Add to CRM - Surfe
Enrichment - step 3

Synchronise Your Conversations

Keep your LinkedIn conversations in sync with your CRM. Create and reuse personalised message templates for efficient communication.

Manage Your Pipeline from LinkedIn

Access and manage your pipelines right from LinkedIn. Create and configure deals from the side panel for a streamlined workflow.

Integration That Works for You

Take notes on your prospects, deals, and calls directly from LinkedIn. Surfe automatically syncs them with your CRM, ensuring no information gets lost.

Tasks & Reminders Made Easy

Stay on top of your tasks with Surfe. Create CRM-related tasks, set reminders for specific CRM records, and manage your tasks without ever leaving LinkedIn.

Why is Flowbird the leader in Pipedrive solutions?

Flowbird has established itself as a leader in Surfe integration and consulting due to its comprehensive understanding of the platform and its commitment to delivering tailored solutions that align with unique business needs. Their team of experts provides personalised coaching, streamlined onboarding, and ongoing support, ensuring a smooth and successful Surfe deployment.

With Flowbird, businesses can leverage the power of Surfe to its fullest potential, enhancing their lead generation and acquisition processes. Whether it’s implementing new features, optimising existing workflows, or providing strategic insights, Flowbird’s dedication to client success sets them apart in the realm of Surfe integration and consulting. Experience the Flowbird difference today and unlock the full potential of your CRM and LinkedIn integration with Surfe.


Transform Your Lead Generation with Surfe

Are you ready to revolutionise your lead generation and acquisition process? With Surfe, you can focus on building relationships and closing deals. Surfe seamless integration with LinkedIn and your CRM allows you to add contacts, find verified emails, and synchronise conversations effortlessly.
So why wait? Start your journey with Surfe today and experience the future of lead generation and acquisition. Let’s ride the wave to success together!