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Deskpro Partner

The all-in-one helpdesk software you can host anywhere

Provide exceptional customer service experiences that delight your customers.


Unlock the Power of Seamless Customer Support with Deskpro

At Flowbird, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Deskpro, a leading helpdesk software designed to transform the way you manage customer support. With Deskpro, you can streamline your operations, improve customer satisfaction, and boost productivity. 

Why choose Deskpro?


Eliminate repetitive tasks with Deskpro's advanced automation tools, boosting your team's efficiency, quality, and reliability. Design smart, custom automations to optimise your helpdesk and ensure no ticket goes unresolved.

Live Chat & Collaboration

Engage with your clients instantly, boosting both support and interaction through a comprehensive live chat solution. Seamlessly loop in team members to active chats or swiftly redirect clients to specialised departments, all within the same platform.

CRM Helpdesk

Deskpro's CRM helpdesk solution empowers businesses to master their customer interactions by consolidating customer information. This results in stronger relationships, enhanced sales efficiency, and improved customer satisfaction.

Unified Inbox

Effortlessly manage, track, and prioritise customer support messages with an all-in-one ticketing solution. Deskpro brings all your communication channels into one place ensuring no customer query is missed.

Reporting and Analytics 

Make data-driven decisions with comprehensive reporting tools and showcase live updates on personalised dashboards. Track key performance metrics, monitor support team efficiency, and gain insights into customer satisfaction.

Knowledge Base

Empower your customer to find answers on their own with a self-service knowledge base. Create and manage a library of help articles, FAQs, and tutorials, reducing the load on your support team by providing a 24/7 support solution for customers.

Take your customer support to the next level with Deskpro. Sign up for a free trial today or contact us for more information. Let Flowbird and Deskpro help you deliver exceptional service to your customers.