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A discovery call is a great place for you to start. It gives us a chance to discover more about your business and to make sure we’re going to be a good fit for each other. Before starting to work with us we need to understand your company and your current position. This enables us to build a picture of your desired outcomes and how we are going to work together.

CRM and Marketing automation

The Discovery Process is a key stage at the beginning of a new relationship. It helps to build trust and sets the stage for any successful project. The goal is to assist you in discovering what you really want from your professional service business and to shape your perception of the best way to reach your goals. During the discovery phase, Flowbird will uncover your needs, challenges, and desired results, which we’ll use to create an insightful, goal-oriented plan.

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What Does The Discovery Process Look Like?

Phone Call

A quick 10 to 15 min chat over Zoom to establish if we can help you in your quest for more systematisation.


If we both decide to go ahead, we will forward you a more in-depth questionnaire to dig deeper into your exact requirements and goals.

Second Call

Once you have completed the second call, we will arrange another more in-depth Zoom session to discuss things in more detail. Usually, this will last somewhere between 45 min and 1 hour.

Offer a Solution

Having established that we can help, we will provide you with an indicative proposal. If your requirements are complex, we will recommend a 1 to 2-day scoping exercise with one of our functional consultants, which would be chargeable.


We will analyse the service you offer and establish any sticking points or bottlenecks. This analysis will reveal opportunities for improvement and provide a focus for your objectives.


By directly addressing the gap in your sales and marketing efforts, we will identify a single and narrow tactic for your business. Together, we will co-create an action plan that lays out the assets, content, tools, and skills required to execute the automation requirements for your business. Identify a single, narrow tactic to address your sales and marketing automation gap. Plan out the assets and content needed to build and launch the tactic a week later.


We will use your content and assets to build the sales and marketing automation funnels, and then we will test launch our tactic to a segment of your customers. Build tactics and import relevant contacts. Test launch your sales and marketing tactic to a subset of customers.


Reporting dashboard built for the main user—review test launch results. After the test launch, we will monitor the performance of your sales and marketing automation process through the dashboard. We will optimise your content and any other campaign elements before we go for a broader launch. Optimise content and processes for a broader launch.


A new assessment of your business will take place now the first tactic has been launched—a clear Action Plan on the next steps for continued progress. We will map your next move by reassessing your needs and developing your next Action Plan for continued success. By repeating the process, we will see incremental improvements to your business.


Monthly Marketing Automation Support (Retainer). Marketing Automation Support with any element of the Selected Marketing Automation Platform. This package is ideal for those who know what they want to do and need a guiding hand. Marketing Automation support covers every aspect of the Selected Marketing Automation Platform. We provide one-to-one online training and work with your content team or agency to assist with building emails, landing pages, workflows, etc.