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We’re all familiar with the inbox overload: we’re bombarded day after day with emails. Some of them are useful; others are not. With a bit of automation, dynamic content and behavioural tracking, you can be sure that your contacts receive emails that contain the right message and are sent at the right time.

Lead nurturing

Without leads, there is nowhere for a business to go. Lead nurturing is essential to develop high-quality leads. Anyone with a website relies on the ability to attract customers and draw them into the sales funnel. From there, you can nurture them with information and offers. Our approach to lead nurturing strategically.

Customer retention

So what should you do? On the one hand, you need to expand your sales efforts to attract more leads and open up new customer groups. On the other hand, if you focus too much on developing new leads, you can neglect your loyal customer base, and they might go elsewhere next time they need to make an order. You need to balance the two.