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7 Automated Marketing Campaigns You Need To Implement

Automated Marketing Campaigns You Need To Implement Now

Whether you already have a marketing automation system or not, it can be overwhelming to decide where to start. Automation can range from very simple to very complex and can be created for various purposes.

In this blog post, we go through the automated marketing campaigns that we've seen work repeatedly. By implementing these, you can streamline your business and improve your sales.

New subscriber automation

When someone subscribes to your blog, they're not only expressing an interest in your business but also showing enthusiasm for the content you produce. So it would be foolish for you not to take advantage of this!

A new subscriber workflow is one of the most important automated marketing campaigns you can create. Start with an initial email to welcome your new subscribers as soon as they sign up. They will be expecting to hear from you and, therefore, likely to engage with anything you send them.

Introduce yourself, your company and your brand. Let them know what they can expect from you and immediately direct them to any content they may find interesting.

Onboarding automation

Once a prospect has become a customer, you need to deliver. An automated onboarding campaign will help your new customers feel welcomed and directed. It works for any business.

Welcome your customers onboard and give them information on how to get the best from your products or services. You could direct them to a series of how-to videos or informative blog posts. Include details of how they can access help or support.

Focus on any challenges new customers might encounter and endeavour to provide solutions. By making their initial experience as a customer a positive one, they are more likely to stick with your company and even go on to make further purchases.

Lead magnet follow-up automation

Lead magnets form a vital part of your automated marketing campaigns. They're a fantastic way to start a conversation with new leads.

Create a workflow to maintain communication after sending the lead magnet in the initial email. Collect all your content on the lead magnet topic. Send the prospect emails containing links to blog posts, eBooks, and whitepapers.

Cross-sell automation

Once someone has purchased from you, you have a good idea of their interest. An automation system can segment your customers and add them to automated marketing campaigns based on their purchase histories.

Send your customers recommendations for complementary products or services. This will not only introduce them to other things that may be of interest, but it will also help keep your company at the forefront of their minds.

Re-engagement automation

Re-engagement campaigns can be triggered by the time passed from a customer's last purchase or by their interactions (or lack thereof) with your company.

There are several options for these types of automated marketing campaigns, and your choice will depend on your business. You could try an emotive 'we miss you' email. Alternatively, you could send them an exclusive offer or a feedback form to find out what went wrong.

Regardless, try to make the emails stand out so the prospect is more likely to engage.

Lead nurturing automation

Not all prospects will immediately purchase after engaging with a lead magnet. This is where lead nurturing automation comes in.

Lead nurturing aims to encourage prospects to move down the sales funnel. Create an educational workflow which builds trust with your prospects. Case studies and free trials usually work well. Include strong CTAs in every piece of communication.

Sales rep notification automation

Particular activities will indicate when a prospect is likely to buy. These vary from business to business but may include clicking particular links in emails or visiting certain web pages.

Once you know which activities are commonly performed right before a prospect becomes a customer, you can set up a sales rep notification automation. This workflow can trigger a task or alert for a member of your sales team when a hot lead is identified.

This will ensure that your sales team approach your leads when they are ready to purchase.

Automation can transform your business. With today's software, you can automate pretty much anything. Start with these automated marketing campaigns, then see where your creativity takes you!

Contact us today for more information on automation and how it can work for you.