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Case Study: Automating Invoice Creation with

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Client Background

The client was grappling with the challenge of streamlining their sales and invoicing process. They utilised Pipedrive to manage sales and deals but faced difficulties connecting it seamlessly with their invoicing software, Xero.


The client faced a significant hurdle in their sales and invoicing process - the laborious and time-consuming task of creating draft invoices in Xero from the sales data in Pipedrive. This manual process was susceptible to human error, resulting in inconsistencies in their invoicing. Specifically, the client required an automated solution that seamlessly transfers deal details, including property address, reference number, and purchase order, from Pipedrive to Xero while adhering to specific formatting and exclusion rules for invoice references.

This prominent business encountered a pressing challenge in streamlining its sales and invoicing process. Although they efficiently managed sales and deals using Pipedrive, transferring this information to their invoicing software, Xero, was arduous and time-consuming. This method's susceptibility to human errors caused inconsistencies and inefficiencies in invoicing.


Flowbird was tasked with creating a solution that connects Pipedrive and Xero, enabling the automated creation of draft invoices. By utilising, we were able to develop a custom workflow with the following features:

  1. Automated Triggering: Pipedrive implemented a 'Click Button' trigger, which initiated the invoice creation process in Xero upon specific user actions.

  2. Seamless Data Integration:

    • Critical data such as property address, reference number, and PO number were automatically fetched from Pipedrive and pushed to Xero.
    • This automation linked the creation of draft invoices in Xero directly to the relevant deals in Pipedrive.
  3. Customised Invoice Formatting:

    • A specific format for the Xero invoice reference number was developed: <Deal Title> <Reference Number> "Purchase Order No:" <Purchase Order>.
    • The system was programmed to exclude the PO number if it was blank or marked 'n/a'.
    • Specific words like "void" and "decant" were automatically removed from the reference number.


The integration solution provided by significantly improved the invoicing process's efficiency and accuracy. By automating the data entry, the solution minimised errors and saved considerable time. The custom formatting rules ensured consistency in invoicing, which is vital for accurate accounting and tracking.


This successful integration project showcases Flowbird's ability to deliver tailored solutions that streamline and enhance business processes. By leveraging's capabilities, we provided an efficient and error-free invoicing system, highlighting our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.