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Don’t Make These Silly Lead Generation Mistakes

Even if you have a fantastic product that will revolutionise your customers’ lives, it’s worth nothing without a regular income of new leads. Avoid these silly lead generation mistakes and make sure you let the world know about your company and products in the best way.

silly lead generation mistakes

Failing to have a comprehensive lead generation strategy

There are a lot of traps to fall into when it comes to lead generation. Some companies fail to recognise which potential customers to focus on, misplaced efforts and wasted resources.

Some companies fail to treat their customers well enough to gain their loyalty, while others fail to communicate their strengths and unique selling points to prospective customers. They find their business slipping through their fingers.

What good is your product if you’re the only person who knows how good it is?

These are nasty traps to fall into; however, what’s worse is failing to have a comprehensive lead generation strategy in the first place. It rises to the top of silly lead generation mistakes to make.

It is vital to create a detailed plan of how you and your sales and marketing teams conduct business. You need everyone to be clear on who you’re targeting and why. Ensure your entire team is aware of the benefits of what you’re selling. Make sure customers are treated well.

Find out the best way to reach your clients. Do they spend a lot of time on Facebook or Twitter? Are they more likely to engage through email or phone?

Failing to embrace the latest lead generation techniques

Lead generation encompasses many different methods of reaching out to potential customers; the best choice for your business depends on your market and customers.

Many businesses are utilising innovative techniques such as inbound marketing. Inbound marketing requires a customised sales strategy.

Leave behind the tiresome chore of developing lavish, expensive marketing campaigns and attracting high numbers of interested customers. Rather than reaching out to people who aren’t interested (and who likely never will be), inbound focuses on targeting those people who do have an interest in your company, products and services.

The strategy generally utilises blogs and social media content to encourage visitors to your website. Mailing lists and email campaigns are then used to target different groups of customers depending on their interests. Instead of you going to the customer, the customer comes to you.

Failing to engage customers

Inbound marketing software is an essential part of successful lead generation strategies. Successful companies create brand loyalty and a buzz around their products. And  At the same time, these companies are attentive to their customers’ needs, interests and differences. They can use the customer information they collect to launch tailored campaigns around hot products.

Essentially, to avoid silly mistakes in lead generation, you need to work intelligently and use the latest tools at your disposal. Inbound marketing is at the cutting edge in the field and is sure to help you reach new heights with your lead generation efforts.

Lead generation can be a complex field to play. At Flowbird, we’ve got the tools and experiences required to make sure you avoid making any silly lead generation mistakes. We use innovative techniques and systems suited to your company to attract the prospects you need.