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The Reason Why Everyone Loves Online Email Marketing

Back in the days when the internet was new and users were excited, email was one of the things that you got excited about. Everyone was interested in having an email account; the free email accounts from Hotmail and AOL were like hotcakes. Online email marketing worked because it was hot and new.

Remember that amazing "You've Got Mail" phrase that made all of us as excited as getting the junk mail when we were kids? We've come a long way.

After nearly 20 years of climbing a veritable Mt Everest of spam and junk email, it's safe to say that the thrill of getting an email is gone. . . or is it?

Is online email marketing still good for those who want to sell a product? Do people open and respond to emails? The answer is a resounding "Yes."

Why Online Email Marketing is a Viable Option for Marketers

Email still has massive appeal and real value to business owners. You can find multiple reasons for our love of online email marketing.

Email is Easy to Use and Well Suited Across All Devices

Firstly, email is an easy way to reach prospective customers. Your website may have problems. It may not always be responsive across all devices.

Email, on the other hand, doesn't have that issue. Email is usually a suitable approach to bring your customers your products or services despite using an iPhone, an iPad, or a Windows phone.

Email is Usually Free

You can use email extensively, which is available for the cost of a server and not much more. The price is still nominal for those who want email automation, which is a good idea for more extensive lists. Texting, regular mail, and telephone may incur costs, but email remains free of charge.

Email is an Effective Way of Communicating

There are many methods of communicating with prospects and customers, but there's a reason everyone loves online email marketing. It's one of the most effective communication types for the price you pay.

Email allows you to send different content, including text, links and photos - all free. Sending pictures via SMS often costs extra, making mobile texting far less effective than email communication.

Email is Easy

Everyone is familiar with receiving emails. No matter what kind of phone or computer, or other devices the recipient has, email is easy to use. You can customise emails for a given group or person, add in-line photos, and offer unique coupons to help people buy your products or services for a lower price.

What's the Bottom Line?

Whilst being an old-fashioned technique, email is still a method of communication that everyone knows and is effective for many purposes. Marketing via email can be effective for everyone, from the most technically inclined to the least.

Marketing with email, mainly if you're using automation, is still cutting edge. Despite its age and longevity, it's something we're all familiar with, and that's why everyone loves online email marketing.

At Flowbird, we love online email marketing and helping our clients use it to its best ability. Contact us today, and we'll help you give your email marketing the edge it needs to be still successful.