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What Is All This Talk About Funnel Marketing?

Funnel marketing plays a vital part in the sales process. But what is this technique all about, and how can you use it to your advantage?

Funnel Marketing: A clear-sighted way to visualise the customer experience

The “funnel” refers to the “sales funnel”. It is a phrase marketing gurus use to model how customers transition from visiting your website to becoming aware of your services to making a purchase.

The idea is that customers progress through a funnel structure. Customers are subtly directed to the sale’s final destination as they pass from stage to stage.

Visualising the sales process can be helpful for online businesses. The funnel idea allows them to devise the best way to intervene so customers receive the best information and support.

For example, when a customer fills out an information request form, you should contact them promptly. You can direct them to take a further step in the funnel, which you hope will eventually result in a sale.

The Mechanics of Successful Funnel Marketing

At the first stage of the funnel, you are dealing with generalities. At this stage, customers decide what broad category of products they require.

As a marketer, you must determine how to attract search engine users and position your brand using digital marketing, social media and traditional advertising. At this level, the funnel is broad. It would help if you were trying to attract the most significant number of visitors.

After that, the funnel narrows. Your potential customers will start to decide which brands to explore and which products might meet their needs. Information becomes critical here, as does strategic messaging. It would help inform potential buyers how your products can add value to their lives.

High-quality support is necessary to direct purchasing decisions. Social media becomes even more important in creating a community of potential customers.

Perfect your Sales Funnel to Retain Customer Loyalty

The sale comes next, but the funnel doesn’t end here. A well-designed sales funnel always promotes brand loyalty by providing regular blog updates, special offers, or loyalty schemes.

Once in the funnel, you should encourage customers to return to the top and re-enter. If the experience is well-designed, this transition should be smooth.

Small and medium-sized businesses can easily create efficient customer management strategies with a well-configured system involving marketing, content creation, sales and support teams.

Many parts make up a successful funnel, from inbound marketing to customer retention systems. At Flowbird, we can advise you on how to get every stage of your marketing funnel functioning smoothly.