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One-Click CRM Data Migration

Connect your apps, and have sample data to review right inside your new app in less than 15 minutes. No CSV files or technical know-how are needed.

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Migrate Legacy Data to Your New App

Integrate your applications seamlessly and quickly review sample data within your new app in under 15 minutes. No need for CSV files or any technical expertise. Explore all the applications we assist with for seamless data migration.
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The Stages of Data Migration

Start Sample Migration

Fill out the quick form to initiate the sample migration process. We'll move a handpicked selection of up to 100 accounts and their associated records from your source app. This essential sample phase enables us to accurately gauge your database size and provide you with a customised quote.

Check Out the Results

Examine the migrated sample data within your new app. Feel free to inform us if you require any additional mappings, or adjustments, or have any specific needs for your data migration. Simply click on the chat widget below or schedule a call, and we'll gladly guide you through every aspect.

Schedule Your Full Migration

Once we've got all your migration specifics, you purchase the full migration and let us know when you're ready to start. The migration process is transparent and you can monitor the progress on your migration page at any time until it's complete.