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Pipedrive Coaching

We can help you streamline your sales process and introduce Pipedrive's best practices.

If you've never been involved in setting up a CRM system or running Pipedrive for a while, it may be a bit of a mess! It is here where a Pipedrive coach comes in. For most of our customers who use Pipedrive, we have a series of one-to-one sessions online. We designed these sessions to review your sales process and then map this to the Pipedrive platform.

Automate Your Workflows

Integrate Your Apps

Get Expert Advice

Let's zoom in...

Our Pipedrive consultants will support you in integrating your required apps, whether native integrations or via platforms such as Zapier and Make, which connect your apps. We want to make using Pipedrive as easy as possible, ensuring your workflows are improved and that you can focus on what matters, selling!

Focus your time on selling, and let us worry about the manual work of setting up your CRM.

We will remap the Pipedrive platform throughout sessions, including a review of the main screens, deals and deal stages, contact and email sync, and other areas.

Looking for Pipedrive support?

How do we work?

Small Pipedrive Clients - Less than five seats

The first question (maybe different from the first) is how much we charge. A typical engagement is around £180 plus VAT. It covers an initial 2-hour one-to-one online session and enables us to remap your Pipedrive platform.

At the end of this, you may be able to continue without our help or book additional sessions as required. Most customers taking our Pipedrive coaching session have around 6 hours in total.

Larger Pipedrive Client - five seats and above

An initial consultation would be around £250. Following this, we will make some clear recommendations. Depending on your specific requirements, it may lead to a remapping process, generally between £950 and £1,600 and could include screen design, training, integration with other platforms and basic data importing.