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5 Reasons Why A Sales Team Needs Effective CRM

Support your sales team with CRM tools. 

With the right CRM systems in place, sales teams can focus their efforts on creating the best and most efficient experience for your customers

The relationship between sales personnel and customers is vital to business success. This relationship involves marketing and contacting potential leads, turning leads into sales and repeat business, and storing data safely in easily retrievable formats. Using the right CRM tools helps these processes flow seamlessly and effectively. However, some sales staff still view these tools with suspicion. They believe they create more work for them while allowing bosses to keep track of their actions.

To dispel this suspicion, our experts at Flowbird Ltd have put together 5 reasons why your sales team needs CRM tools.

1. Professional Planning and Administration
Completing a successful sale involves much more planning and administration than people often realise, especially if they're new to the sales world. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps sales personnel prioritise tasks, giving them more time to interact with customers. Valuable prospects are identified and contacted in a timely manner. Their data is stored in an organised and easily accessible way, while calendar updates ensure existing customers are always contacted about new products and contract renewals.

2. Secure Data Storage
Contacting leads and communicating with customers generates data that needs to be stored safely according to rules and regulations (GDPR). Our Customer Relationship Management systems safely store your data in one central place. All team members have full and easy access to it, allowing them to analyse customers' needs and offer speedy solutions to their problems.

3. A More Personalised Experience
The key to customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty is a personalised experience. With seamless management tools and data storage, this becomes easier to offer. Our systems make creating and personalising email templates easy for various purposes, such as marketing, contract renewals, and upselling. When email strings are stored alongside customer records, it's easy to audit and evaluate the effect of personalised customer communication.

4. Smooth and Effective Office Management
Take away the stress and repetitiveness of daily administration tasks with a Customer Relationship Management system, and the sales cycle can be streamlined, leading to a better-managed office environment. An efficient system can lead your team through the sales pipeline by:

● Storing customer and product details
● Preparing marketing materials
● Generating quotes
● Creating sales reports
● Triggering calendar reminders

With an automated and transparent system in place, existing staff members can do their job more efficiently, and new staff members can fit seamlessly into a well-managed office environment.

5. Cost efficiency
At first glance, CRM systems don't appear cheap. When in place, however, they lead to sales targets being met more efficiently at a reduced cost. Mistakes in orders and quotes are reduced, while efficient communication leads to a more cost-effective use of time for both sales personnel and customers. Everything is safely stored in the pipeline, letting sales flow smoothly from marketing and first customer contact to repeat business and contract renewals. With a sales office operating so smoothly, staff and customer satisfaction and profits are boosted.

Book a discovery call with Flowbird Ltd today to see how much your sales team needs a CRM system.