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Make and Flowbird Partner to Drive Innovation

New Partnership

Make, a leading visual platform for designing, building, and automating various processes without coding skills, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Flowbird, a team of highly experienced CRM, marketing, sales automation, and business management professionals.

This collaborative partnership brings together the unique strengths and expertise of both organizations, aiming to redefine the landscape of business automation. Make's innovative platform empowers individuals, teams, and enterprises to create powerful custom solutions, enabling faster scaling of businesses. Flowbird's deep understanding of CRM, marketing, and sales automation complements Make's capabilities by enhancing customer retention and optimizing business processes.

The joint venture will focus on leveraging cutting-edge automation technology, efficient process management, and unique content creation to revolutionize business operations and growth. By combining the expertise of Make and Flowbird, clients across various industries can expect tailored solutions that streamline their operations and drive significant business growth.

The synergy between Flowbird and Make is incredibly promising. By integrating our experience in CRM, marketing, and sales automation with Make's powerful platform, we can provide businesses with comprehensive solutions that optimize their operations and enhance customer engagement.

The partnership between Make and Flowbird represents a commitment to driving technological advancement and fostering business success through creativity, innovation, and collaboration. Stay tuned for exciting developments as the two organizations join forces to shape the future of automation and empower businesses worldwide.

About Make

Make is a leading visual platform that enables individuals, teams, and enterprises to design, build, and automate various processes without requiring coding skills. The platform empowers users to create custom solutions, from tasks and workflows to apps and systems, accelerating business growth and efficiency.

About Flowbird

Flowbird is a team of highly experienced CRM, marketing, sales automation, and business management professionals. Their primary goal is to optimize businesses, enhance customer retention, and drive success through tailored content, efficient process management, and cutting-edge automation technology.

Are you eager to streamline your business processes and drive growth? Contact our team of Specialists to explore how our tailored solutions can take your business to the next level.