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Flowbird Product Updates September - HubSpot



With thrilling updates on the horizon, HubSpot has recently made a big announcement regarding their upcoming product updates for Q4 2023. These updates will span across their Marketing, Sales, Service, Operations, Commerce, and CRM platforms, offering HubSpot customers in the United Kingdom a range of new capabilities to enhance their HubSpot experience. As a HubSpot Diamond Partner specialising in HubSpot Implementation and integrations, Flowbird is thrilled to provide an overview of these key enhancements. Our team at Flowbird offers top-notch HubSpot consultancy, strategy, Implementation, and Integration services, ensuring that businesses can take full advantage of these new features and elevate their implementation to the next level.


Marketing Hub and CMS Hub Updates

The HubSpot Marketing Hub and CMS Hub products are gaining powerful new AI-enabled features to streamline and enhance content creation and optimisation.

Key highlights include:

  • AI Subject Line Generator—Use AI to automatically generate high-converting email subject lines right within the email editor. This feature is available on both the desktop and the HubSpot mobile app.

  • AI-Generated Social Copy Within Blog Editor - Easily create social media post copy tailored to each network without leaving the blog editor.

  • AI Website Builder - HubSpot is launching a new AI-powered website builder that promises to simplify and speed up website creation dramatically through AI guidance.

  • AI Blog Post Generator with Semrush Data - This new tool helps you generate blog post ideas complete with titles, descriptions and outlines using AI and keyword data from Semrush.

  • AI One-Click Title and Meta Description Generation—HubSpot can now instantly create SEO-optimised titles and meta descriptions for your pages, blogs, and landing pages with a single click.

  • AI Image Generation - Generate custom images on the fly based on any prompt or context.

  • AI Content Assistant Text Editing - The AI can now edit and rewrite existing text across HubSpot products using simple slash commands.

  • Landing Page Creation from AI Copy - Quickly turn AI-generated copy into a polished, published landing page in minutes.

  • AI Ad Copy Generation - Have AI generate Facebook and LinkedIn ad copy tailored to your needs.

These new AI capabilities will help HubSpot users scale their content creation efforts and optimise their results. As Flowbird a Leading CRM Agency and HubSpot Diamond partner, we are eager to leverage these tools to improve content efficiency and performance for our clients.

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Sales Hub and Service Hub Updates

HubSpot Sales Hub and Service Hub are gaining new features to unify prospecting workflows, improve data insights, and leverage AI to enhance productivity.

Key additions include:

  • Prospecting Workspace - A dedicated workspace to streamline prospecting tasks for sales reps.

  • Lead Management - The ability to track leads as a separate object from contacts.

  • Sequence Outcome Reporting - New deal rate and revenue reporting for sequences.

  • Lead Funnel Report - Get clearer visibility into lead progression through the funnel.

  • Prospecting Activities Report - Track and analyse prospecting activities and conversion rates.

  • Salesforce Activity Sync - Sync Salesforce activity data into the HubSpot CRM.

  • Sync Data between HubSpot and LinkedIn Sales Navigator - Enable two-way data sync between the platforms.

  • Conversation Summary - Summarise support conversations using AI.

  • Content Assistant in Inbox - Generate responses and edit existing messages with AI guidance.

  • AI Chatbot - A new GPT-powered chatbot can handle common support queries on your website.

With our HubSpot integration expertise, Flowbird can help you use these new tools to connect your sales and service workflows, gain more actionable insights, and leverage AI to drive productivity.

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Operations Hub Updates

For managers and admins, Operations Hub gains new AI capabilities for automating and enhancing processes:

  • AI-Assisted Report Descriptions - Easily create and maintain report descriptions aided by AI recommendations.

  • AI-Generated Reports - Generate entire reports simply by asking questions in natural language.

  • AI-Generated Workflow Descriptions - Auto-generate clear descriptions for your workflows.

These AI tools aim to save managers time while optimising processes. Flowbird's HubSpot implementation services can help you implement these new Operations Hub features to maximise their impact.


CRM Platform Updates

Finally, at the platform level, HubSpot CRM gains new developer tools and customisation options such as:

  • UI Extensions with React - Build more advanced custom UI extensions on records using React.

  • CRM Data Components and Action Extensibility - Display and action HubSpot data via custom cards.

  • CRM Record Page Editor - Easily customise page layouts for different teams.

  • Conditional Properties - Set property rules to display conditionally based on other property values.

  • Advanced Formula Editor - Build custom property calculations to derive insights.

  • Centralised Audit Log API - Access user action data in the audit log via API.

These platform enhancements unlock more sophisticated customisation and integration capabilities through HubSpot developer tools. Flowbird's HubSpot integration services can help you use these new capabilities to tailor HubSpot to your unique needs.


With major updates across the entire HubSpot product portfolio, exciting new capabilities are on tap for HubSpot users in 2023. Flowbird's HubSpot consultancy and implementation services can help you navigate these new features and determine how to leverage them best to take your HubSpot implementation to the next level.

As a HubSpot Diamond Partner, we specialise in implementing HubSpot integration services across the United Kingdom. We stay up-to-date with the latest HubSpot product updates so that we can help our clients take advantage of the newest tools.

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