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Flowbird Product Updates September - Pipedrive

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Pipedrive, one of the leading CRM platforms built specifically for sales teams, has recently announced a variety of updates to its software capabilities. The product updates aim to improve Pipedrive's user experience, reporting, integrations and more.

Flowbird KrispCall Pipedrive

KrispCall and Pipedrive Integration Now Live!

We're excited to announce that KrispCall now integrates with Pipedrive CRM. This integration enables powerful call centre workflows and productivity-boosting features:

  • Click to call directly from Pipedrive contacts and deals
  • Screen pops with customer data on incoming calls
  • Log call notes, outcomes, and activities in Pipedrive
  • Disposition calls in Pipedrive for workflows and reporting
  • Sync call recordings, analytics, and more

    Connecting KrispCall's cloud telephony with Pipedrive CRM centralises data and supercharges agents with the context and tools to deliver amazing customer experiences.😎

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Overview of Pipedrive Product Updates

The major updates from Pipedrive include:

  • A redesigned user interface for more intuitive navigation and workflows
  • Enhanced reporting features and customisation options for actionable insights
  • New integrations with complementary apps to drive productivity
  • Additional permissions configurations to tighten data security
  • Real-time collaboration for teams via Pipedrive Insights

These updates allow Pipedrive users to streamline sales processes, gain more detailed analytics, and improve team productivity within the CRM platform.

Benefits of the Product Updates

Pipedrive's latest product updates provide many benefits for sales teams:

  • The UI overhaul improves usability and flexibility when managing deals and leads
  • Advanced reporting uncovers richer insights to inform sales strategy
  • Integrations merge key systems to centralise data and simplify workflows
  • Customisable permissions boost security and data integrity
  • Real-time collaboration in Insights drives alignment across sales reps

Together, these updates create a more powerful Pipedrive CRM to help sales teams operate at peak productivity.

Implementing Pipedrive CRM for Maximum Value

While Pipedrive's updates offer new out-of-the-box capabilities, working with a certified implementation partner unlocks the platform's full potential.

Flowbird, Pipedrive's Elite Partner for the UK, provides complete CRM implementation services. Their experts can tailor Pipedrive's features to your unique processes through custom workflows, reporting, training and integrations.

Partnering with Flowbird also ensures your team adopts the Pipedrive CRM for embedded sales success.

Get More from Pipedrive with Implementation Experts

Pipedrive's latest enhancements create new opportunities for sales teams to optimise their CRM strategy. To implement Pipedrive effectively, connect with Flowbird. Their certified consultants deliver Pipedrive expertise with strategic implementation, seamless integration and adopted usage. Discover how Flowbird can help you capitalise on Pipedrive's new product updates by contacting them today.

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