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She created a £2 million door-to-door sales business with the help of Pipedrive.


The challenge

Tiffany Largie, a renowned entrepreneur and highly sought-after business speaker and consultant, began her entrepreneurial journey by adopting traditional sales methods. Day after day, she tirelessly knocked on 40-50 doors, resulting in a plethora of business cards. Tiffany swiftly became an expert at jotting down notes and organizing these cards, although she didn't fully grasp the concept of building a business at the time.

It wasn't until Tiffany relocated to North Carolina and embarked on a fresh business venture that she truly understood the significance of data and data management. Despite her knack for handling clients in the real world, Tiffany soon realised that many individuals on her team lacked her exceptional organisational skills, which were already stretched to the limit.

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Pipedrive features used

The Pipedrive features utilised by Tiffany included:

1. Deal management enabled her to effectively handle and oversee leads and deals, resulting in a streamlined sales process.

2. Multiple pipelines: Tiffany easily managed multiple revenue streams, improving overall business efficiency.

3. Time-saving automation: By utilising automation features, Tiffany saved valuable time and optimised the sales process, allowing for increased productivity and effectiveness.

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The solution

One of Tiffany’s business associates recently embraced Salesforce and urged Tiffany to do the same. However, after witnessing a Salesforce demonstration and receiving a quote for thousands of dollars, Tiffany sought a more cost-effective and user-friendly solution. That's when she discovered Pipedrive.

Taking action, Tiffany equipped each of the 30 individuals she managed with an iPad loaded with Pipedrive. The results were astounding: She generated over £2 million in sales seemingly out of thin air, as Tiffany puts it.


The results

After successfully selling her company in 2015, Tiffany Largie utilised her valuable experience to educate and inspire others. Instead of overseeing teams and products, Tiffany focuses on managing exciting event engagements, lucrative consulting jobs, and captivating speaking offers. With her trusted companion, Pipedrive, she effortlessly handles all of these endeavours. Impressed by her own remarkable achievements with Pipedrive, Tiffany highly recommends its use to her current clients as well.


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