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Flowbird: Your Group Of Tech Experts

Flowbird group - your tech experts

We are Flowbird, a group of experts specialising in business management solutions. We use our decades of experience and unparalleled (even if we do say so ourselves) marketing automation and CRM skills to help large and small companies streamline their business processes and improve customer retention. 

The Flowbird group's philosophy

The Flowbird group’s philosophy is simple - hard work and honesty; that’s how we win your business. And the Flowbird group knows it’s YOUR business, so we take a client-centred approach, taking on board your ideas and opinions, which are essential for our work to succeed. 

We go above and beyond to increase your business leads - and ultimately your profits - through various software platforms, including:


A product the Flowbird group has a real passion for is Hubspot. Hubspot has all the tools and integration capabilities your business will need. It can successfully manage your company’s marketing, sales and content management all in one place. 

The expert group at Flowbird have the extensive knowledge necessary to ensure that your business makes the most of this powerful business tool!


If sales are your game, Pipedrive is a name you really should know. This exciting CRM software will enable your team to organise and manage all of your contacts and activities to develop outstanding sales habits. 

Using Pipedrive makes your interactions with your clients consistent and easy to measure. This ensures that your sales team stays on top when it comes to clinching those deals! Our experts at Flowbird group can help your business to make the most of this software - giving your maximum output with minimum input.


When it comes to marketing automation, ActiveCampaign is the answer. Comprehensive, user-friendly, and available at a low price point. Flowbird group thinks that ActiveCampaign is the ideal marketing automation software for small businesses. 

Personalise your messages and emails, create dynamic content and nurture real customer connections, now and in the future.

It’s safe to say that when it comes to driving sales, increasing website traffic and growing conversions, digital marketing is essential. Flowbirds' dedicated and skilled group are on hand to help find the ideal platform for your business. We offer as little or as much support as you need. 


But does YOUR business need it?

In a nutshell, yes. Whether you own a boutique clothing store, a fine foods emporium, are in the financial services industry or even run a parking facility - having the right digital marketing strategies in place is essential when it comes to satisfying your business needs and customer expectations. 

Take a quick look at parking facilities as an example - a business sector you might not initially think benefits. 

Advertising through search engines like Google, social media, email, and your website will boost your company’s success. The parking industry has seen a huge decrease in occupancy rates since the pandemic, but a good digital marketing platform can get YOUR parking facility firmly into people’s consciousness by targeting them online - through good SEO, ads on Facebook and Instagram and a personalised email marketing campaign.

Speak to our group of experts at Flowbird to find out how the right marketing automation and CRM software can boost your business potential.