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Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is fast becoming essential and indispensable to large and small businesses as the best way to market their services and products across multiple online channels.

Automating repetitive tasks saves companies time and effort while maximising revenue and increasing that all-important customer base. 77% of top-performing companies are using marketing automation to pump up their profits - and they can’t all be wrong!

When it comes to the software platforms themselves, you’re pretty spoiled for choice. But before you worry about which marketing automation system is right for your business, you might ask yourself, ‘Why to bother in the first place?’

What can marketing automation do for you?

How will it benefit your business?

Allow Flowbird to fill you in…

It’s Efficient

First and foremost, we have to talk about the efficiency of using marketing automation. Instead of getting a team member to post on your company’s social media pages every morning, you can use marketing automation software to do it for you. 

One of these advantages is that you could potentially reduce staffing costs if you are employing a copywriter or would like to boost your social media presence and two, if you’re doing this in-house, you’re freeing up your team’s time to work on something more substantial - like brainstorming for upcoming campaigns and completing other projects. 

You Can Personalise Your Company’s Marketing

Behaviour-based marketing automation allows you to target your customer base as individuals across social media, adverts and email campaigns, personalising your entire lead-nurturing process…

And this benefits every type of business - from those in the financial services industry to online stores and boutiques.

  • Is someone clicking on a lot of your personal loan-related Facebook posts?
  • Maybe send them an email detailing how your rates compare to the competition?
  • Is someone checking out your merchandise pics on Instagram and enquiring about prices?
  • Then let them know that there’s a sale coming up!

All of this does wonders for improving the customer experience. 

Receiving personalised messaging builds brand loyalty and confidence and turns those ‘likes’ and comments into sales - a staggering 93% of companies who use behaviour-based personalised marketing saw an increase in conversion rates.  

It Allows You To Align Marketing And Sales

Suppose you can combine your sales and marketing efforts by using marketing automation. In that case, your business will be much easier to go from marketing qualified leads to sales qualified leads.

If you’re not convinced, the stats speak for themselves: with marketing automation, it’s possible to increase sales productivity by over 14% and reduce your marketing overheads by over 12%. 

It will also create more leads and generate more sales because your marketing team will have more time to find ways to increase conversion rates, and your sales team can now work on increasing productivity.  

And Speaking Of Conversion Rates...

Marketing automation is going to make that process more effective too. The software can track your leads so that you can market to them based on their wants and needs and will even retarget those website visitors who don’t convert initially - it doesn’t give up!

All of this gives you and your team more time to develop new marketing strategies and figure out how to get your business website visitors to convert - you know, the important stuff.

It Simplifies The Reporting Process

Reporting analytics is tiresome, but you can generate automated reports with marketing automation software. Hallelujah!

Marketing automation gives you a top-notch overview of all your business processes, allowing you to see at a glance what’s going wrong and where. These accurate analytics - courtesy of your marketing automation software, will help you spot complications and sticking points, meaning that you can get them fixed as soon as possible. 

And there you have it; marketing automation will save you time and money, increase your customer base, boost brand loyalty and make you more money.

So why aren’t you doing it already?

Unsure which type of marketing automation software will be best for your business? Get in touch with the experts at Flowbird, and we’ll find the perfect platform for you.