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How to choose the right sales enablement technology?

Various software and tools are available to help managers effectively implement their sales enablement strategies, each suited for different organisational needs. Instead of making work easier for your sales team and increasing your revenue, the wrong choice of technology could be a resource-consuming bug that will retard the growth of your enterprise.

Choosing the Right TechnologySo how do you decide on your company's best sales enablement technology?

To make it easy for you, divide it into two steps:

  • Select the core systems and peripheral tools.
  • Connect the core and the peripheral devices as seamlessly as possible.
  • Selecting the Core and Edges

The core is the collection of foundational systems centralising all the organisational data on content, customers, and contacts. These systems include your Content Management System (CMS), Marketing Automation Platform (MAP), Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), etc. It, therefore, goes without saying that you should take your time when choosing your core.

Since it will probably be there for the long haul, you want something that works well with other systems without requiring constant changes. It is not to say that you cannot change the core system – we help organisations do this all the time. However, it is hard, and due to the disruptions to your normal operations, this is not something you want to make a habit of doing.

Once your core is in place, your next task is to choose the appropriate tools to implement your strategies and process. These are the edges. Since these tools are more flexible and can be easily changed and updated, you should experiment aggressively with innovative technology until you get the full functionality needed to achieve your sales enablement strategy.

However, you must ensure that all your peripheral system is in proper sync with your core systems, which brings us to step number two.

Connecting the Core and the Edges.

When mixing and matching different solutions to get the best functionality, be careful not to compromise on the seamless operation of the system; if you patch together a collection of other point solutions, you must be ready for higher maintenance demands on your tech stack to prevent inconsistencies. Since the sales in most companies rely on data from their CRM as the source of business truth, you should do everything to eliminate inconsistencies that would cripple the strategy implementation.

Businesses face a trade-off: You could select the top-performing tools for each of your business aspects and deal with the high maintenance and inconsistencies, or you could choose one system that optimises everything. If you choose the first option, ensure you have one system. All teams can consider the source of truth.

If you feel the all-in-one solution is the best for you, or if you are still unsure, this is a HubSpot portal you are in. Feel free to look around and see if you will find something that suits you.