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Case Study: Integrating Timely with HubSpot using Make and OpenAI


A client sought to streamline their booking management process by integrating Timely, a scheduling platform, into HubSpot, a comprehensive CRM and marketing automation suite. The primary challenge was Timely's lack of an API for direct integration, necessitating a creative solution to synchronise booking information seamlessly into HubSpot's system.

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The client's core issue revolved around the inability to directly integrate Timely with HubSpot due to the absence of an API from Timely. This limitation obstructed the client's ability to manage bookings effectively within the HubSpot environment, complicating their operations and reducing efficiency.


To circumvent the lack of a direct API integration path, an innovative solution was devised utilising Make (formerly Integromat), Mailhook, and OpenAI. The process involved the following steps:

  1. Auto-forwarding Booking Confirmations: The client set up an automatic forwarding rule to send all Timely booking confirmation emails to a specific Mailhook. Mailhook served as an intermediary, capturing these incoming emails and preparing them for data extraction.

  2. Data Extraction with OpenAI: Instead of relying on traditional methods such as Regular Expressions (Regex) to parse and extract booking information from emails, which can be complex and inflexible, OpenAI's powerful natural language processing capabilities were employed. This approach allowed for a more dynamic and accurate extraction of booking details such as dates, times, client names, and services from the unstructured email text.

  3. Integration with HubSpot: After extracting the relevant booking information, the data was seamlessly pushed into HubSpot using Make. This step involved creating or updating contacts, adding booking details to the CRM records, and ensuring that all information was accurately reflected within the HubSpot ecosystem for easy access and management.


The integration solution achieved significant outcomes for the client:

  • Centralised Management: All booking information was automatically and accurately captured within HubSpot, enabling clients to manage their bookings directly within the CRM platform. This centralisation significantly improved operational efficiency and data accessibility.

  • Reduced Manual Operations: By leveraging OpenAI for data extraction, the solution minimised the need for manual data entry and the potential for human error. This efficiency gain was particularly notable compared to more traditional data extraction methods like Regex, which could be less reliable and more operation-intensive in complex scenarios.

  • Scalability and Flexibility: OpenAI for data extraction provided a scalable and flexible solution that could quickly adapt to changes in email formats or booking details. This adaptability ensured the integration could operate effectively over time despite any modifications to the booking confirmation emails.


This case study demonstrates the innovative application of Make, Mailhook, and OpenAI to solve a complex integration challenge. The client achieved a streamlined, efficient booking management process within their preferred CRM platform by creatively leveraging technology to bridge the gap between Timely and HubSpot. This solution enhanced operational efficiency and showcased the potential for AI and automation tools to solve business problems in scenarios where traditional integration methods are not feasible.

In conclusion, reaching out to Flowbird for all your integration needs can open up a world of possibilities for streamlining your business processes. As showcased in this case study, innovative solutions using tools like Make, Mailhook, and OpenAI can overcome challenges and enhance operational efficiency. By centralising booking management and reducing manual operations, businesses can experience increased productivity and scalability. The integration between Timely and HubSpot is a testament to the potential of creative technology solutions in solving complex business problems. To explore how Flowbird can help transform your integration processes, reach out today and unlock new opportunities for your business growth.

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