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Is Pipedrive the best CRM for your financial service?

Is Pipedrive a good CRM for financial services?

With a well-structured Customer Relationship Management (CRM) pipeline, your business is ideally placed to maximise interactions with prospective customers. A promising pipeline makes it easy to keep track of every potential lead from the first customer contact to the final conversion into a secure business deal.

What is a CRM pipeline?
A financial services CRM pipeline is a visual representation of your sales cycle. With such an overview, you can logically organise prospects and predict outcomes and revenue based on previous conversion rates, sales cycle lengths, and average contract values. With this information at your fingertips, you can forecast how many new leads are needed to meet (and, hopefully, exceed) your sales quotas.

Why Customer Relationship Management Matters.
In sales, there is always a push-pull between the pain points customers want to resolve and the activities you need to perform to achieve this. When dealing with people's money in the form of insurance, loans, and other financial services, engaging with customers in a way that makes them feel confident is even more vital. A promising pipeline helps achieve this.

New concerns and interests can arise every time you engage with a customer. Adding this information to your pipeline gives you a more holistic overview of clients' needs. This personal interest can set your company apart from its competitors, ensuring deals are successfully closed and customers remain loyal in the long term.

Pipedrive - why it is a good CRM fit for financial services
Pipedrive is a proactive Customer Relationship Management solution that is sales-focused and deal-driven. It visualises the sales process from start to finish, improving the efficiency of your sales team. It was initially aimed at smaller businesses but has recently expanded its functions to meet the sales needs of larger companies. The system lets you automate the repetitive parts of your sales pipeline while giving everyone on your team a clear visual overview.

This frees time to invest in more personalised relationships with business prospects and existing customers. It also allows you to quantify contacts as potential fits for your product, reducing your cold-calling rate. As a bonus, it is reasonably priced and easy to set up. The user interface is straightforward and doesn't require lengthy and costly training sessions before team members can work with it. This means they spend less time operating the software and more time building relationships with customers.

Every company offering financial services needs a sales pipeline that gives a real-time overview of
customer contacts and the route to successful sales. In our view, Pipedrive is an account management tool that supports the entire sales process. It can automatically track and organise calls and emails and synchronise schedules across every device team members use. At Flowbird, we're committed to helping you get the most out of Pipedrive. We help you integrate the system into your current practice and provide the necessary coaching to operate it efficiently.

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