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New Pipedrive Projects Functionality

Initiating the after-sales process need not be tricky at all; enabling precise and flexible project management with end-to-end visibility just got easier with the new project functionality in Pipedrive. This functionality is a key enabler to keeping all your data in one place, tracking your project plan and activities and letting your teams add notes and files to your project.

Transition is the key, and once your deal is won, Pipedrive provides a smooth workflow through to the project's delivery phase. It is possible to connect this to your workflow and also omit them where necessary.

How to get started with Pipedrive Projects

Adding a new project in Pipedrive starts with clicking on the green plus project button or the quick add button on the top status bar.

First, pick a title, start and end dates, decide who will own the project, assign the deal to the activity, write a short description and then duplicate any templates where necessary to save time from pre-existing projects and then you’re all up and running.

Starting new projects and connecting deals help streamline your project cadence moving through phases. Projects can be connected to deals as well as contacts.

Whether you're adding a new project or need a high-level view of all your projects, Pipedrive allows you to have a list view or a detailed view. In the detailed view, it is possible to view progress, assign labels, check start and end dates, link items, review all planned activities, and upload files.

Some cool features

A pretty cool feature is the duplication of projects which allows for simplicity and consistency when setting up new projects to follow a streamlined workflow by choosing from a previous template for future projects, and hey presto, at the click of a button, see the phases with all the activities leaving you able to customise and plan what needs doing in each phase of the project.

Customising the board view is simple: dragging and dropping tasks, providing ease of use across phases, and tracking project phases individually. Inside the activities, you can @mention your sales reps, who will get notified of the status update on a particular task.

Pipedrive Projects benefits sales teams

Getting started on your project could be to kick off the project, get an update on progress, check whether a project is on hold or simply use it as a template for another project to save time on setup. The overriding impact for your sales teams is to quickly, at a glance and a click of a button see the whole sales cycle on one screen and be able to see which assigned work colleague is managing given tasks in the pipeline.

Opening an activity on the board view allows users to check more information on the activity, such as contact person and organisation details, with an additional choice to either leave for teammates' notes or simply attach files.

In the Kanban view, your sales reps can quickly filter projects by status or labels. The visuality of the board cards gives them a high-level view of progress, dues dates and any resources that need aligning and are highlighted in red.

Sorting your projects by transition phases, in list view, by owner or date has never been easier. Or, if you want to tuck your projects away and access them a bit later on, you can do that too with the archive feature.


Whether you are an existing user or brand new to Pipedrive's new project beta version, there's a whole load of expansion on the functionality.

So if you need to expand your project management knowledge base, then get in touch with us at

For further support on Pipedrive, please refer to the link: where there is a handy guide to get you started.

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