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Simplify Online Course Registrations and Track Metrics Effortlessly with Automation


Lilith Brockhaus, the co-founder of VisualMakers, took on the challenge of tracking hundreds of registrations and managing key stats about the students. She developed an automated solution that handles all these tasks efficiently. This powerful system allows VisualMakers to effectively manage sign-ups, track course metrics, and gain valuable insights into course preferences and engagement.

Since implementing the automation, manual tasks related to managing 500 students have been replaced, streamlining the process and saving time.

The tool stack consists of:

  • Elopage for digital commerce,
  • Brevo as a CRM,
  • Rows as a robust database,
  • Slack for seamless communication,
  • and Make to bring it all together.

Interested in learning more about this exciting no-code journey? Delve into the details below!

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What problem were you trying to solve with your automation?

VisualMakers, a thriving no-code agency based in Germany, offers a cutting-edge education platform that empowers students to master no-code tools such as Make, Bubble, and Shopify. As our platform experiences remarkable growth, we encountered a challenge in efficiently managing and reporting an ever-increasing amount of data. Automation-2

Why did the problem exist?

With the increasing number of projects and a growing team, our conventional tools were no longer adequate. We required a solution that would simplify processes and make data easily accessible and visible to the entire team.

How was the problem resolved? What does the solution entail?

The problem turned out to be quite straightforward, and so was the solution. Each day, students eagerly sign up for VisualMaker's online courses. And with each new registration, several important tasks need to be completed:

  • The data is collected from an Elopage form.
  • A new lead is added to our CRM on Brevo.
  • A new row is created in Rows to update our business reports.
  • Various alerts are sent to different Slack channels.

This is where Make truly shines. Its ability to seamlessly connect with thousands of apps, along with its visual builder and comprehensive functionality, instantly won us over.

We utilized Rows to automatically generate dashboards that provide us with key insights about our education platform.

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What are the benefits of your solution?

  • Efficient data management: saving hours of manual work by automatically managing sign-ups, course metrics, and lead generation
  • Enhanced visibility: getting clear insights into course sign-ups, preferences, and engagement for informed decision-making.
  • Cultural transformation: fostering transparency and collective responsibility by sharing financials and metrics with the team.

In conclusion, VisualMakers has successfully addressed the challenge of efficiently managing and reporting a large amount of data through their automated solution. By implementing a tool stack consisting of Elopage, Brevo, Rows, Slack, and Make, they have streamlined their processes and saved valuable time. The benefits of this automation include efficient data management, enhanced visibility into course metrics, and fostering a culture of transparency and collective responsibility within the team. If you are interested in learning more about VisualMakers' exciting no-code journey and how they have leveraged automation to improve their education platform, delve into the details below.

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