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Pipedrive Integration with Trello: A Step-by-Step Guide


Streamline Task and Project Management: Step-by-Step Pipedrive Integration with Trello

In today's competitive business landscape, leveraging robust CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools like Pipedrive isn't just about organising customer data—it's about boosting sales, and revenue, and fostering efficient workflows. Pipedrive stands out as a dynamic CRM platform, known for its user-friendly interface and powerful functionalities. When combined with a project management tool like Trello, it creates a synergy that elevates task management to new heights.


Understanding Pipedrive's Impact on Sales and Revenue

Pipedrive is more than a conventional CRM—it's a sales-focused platform designed to optimise sales processes, track leads, and ultimately increase revenue. Its intuitive interface simplifies lead management, pipeline visualisation, and sales forecasting. By leveraging Pipedrive, businesses gain a competitive edge by streamlining their sales operations.

Introducing Pipedrive Integration with Trello

Trello, renowned for its visual and flexible project management approach, seamlessly integrates with Pipedrive, creating a powerhouse combination for task management. This integration bridges the gap between sales and project teams, allowing for a synchronised workflow that enhances collaboration and efficiency.

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Steps for Free Pipedrive Integration with Trello

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to integrating Pipedrive with Trello:

Step 1: Accessing Pipedrive Marketplace

Navigate to Pipedrive's Marketplace and search for the Trello integration. Click on the integration to begin the setup process.

Step 2: Authentication and Connection

Authenticate your Pipedrive account and authorise the integration to access necessary data. Ensure you have admin privileges to enable the integration seamlessly.

Step 3: Mapping Data and Customisation

Once connected, customise the integration settings to map relevant data fields between Pipedrive and Trello. Tailor the integration to align with your specific workflow requirements.

Step 4: Creating Workflows and Automation

Utilise Trello boards and cards to reflect Pipedrive deals or leads. Design workflows that automate the transfer of information between both platforms, ensuring seamless communication between sales and project teams.

Step 5: Testing and Optimising

Before full deployment, conduct thorough testing to ensure the integration functions as expected. Adjust settings or mappings if necessary to optimise the workflow.

The Role of Flowbird: Your Premier Integration Partner

Flowbird stands out as one of the best integration companies, specialising in CRM integrations like Pipedrive. Their expertise ensures a smooth and efficient integration process, enabling businesses to harness the full potential of Pipedrive and its connections, such as the seamless integration with Trello.

Free Pipedrive Integration Demo by Flowbird CRM Agency

Flowbird offers a free Pipedrive integration demo, showcasing the benefits of integrating Pipedrive with Trello. This demo provides insights into how the integration can elevate your task and project management, effectively aligning sales efforts with project execution.


The integration of Pipedrive with Trello represents a significant advancement in enhancing task and project management capabilities within businesses. By merging the power of a sales-focused CRM like Pipedrive with the visual project management approach of Trello, teams can streamline operations, boost collaboration, and drive efficiency. With the expertise of integration partners like Flowbird, businesses can unlock the full potential of these platforms, propelling their growth and success.

This integration is more than just a connection between two tools—it's a strategic move towards a more synchronised, agile, and productive work environment.

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