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Exciting Times Ahead: Pipedrive Introduces AI-Powered Sales Assistant


Enhance Your Sales Performance with Smart Predictions and Recommendations

In the fast-evolving landscape of sales and customer relationship management (CRM), innovation is the name of the game. It’s all about providing sales professionals with the tools and insights they need to succeed. In this spirit, Pipedrive, the user-friendly and highly effective sales CRM, has introduced its AI-powered Sales Assistant, currently in beta. This new feature is set to revolutionise the way businesses handle sales and increase their odds of closing deals.

The Power of AI in Sales

Pipedrive’s Sales Assistant is not your run-of-the-mill virtual assistant. It’s a smart, AI-powered solution designed to boost performance. This innovation is a testament to Pipedrive’s commitment to offering its users more than just a CRM - it’s an ally in reaching their revenue goals. The integration of AI into the Sales Assistant provides sales teams with focused and actionable guidance, helping them prioritise their efforts, concentrate on high-potential deals, and identify bottlenecks in their sales pipeline. 

Predicting Deal Success

One of the standout features of the AI-powered Sales Assistant is its ability to predict a deal’s win probability. By continuously analysing a user’s sales pipeline and activities, it identifies unique sales patterns and preferences. Armed with this information, the assistant provides practical recommendations for the next best actions to take to enhance your chances of winning deals. 

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Focus on the Right Deals

Not only does the AI-powered Sales Assistant predict win probabilities, but it also recommends high-win probability deals to focus on. By identifying which deals are most likely to succeed, it allows you to concentrate your efforts where they matter most and drop those that have lower chances of winning. It’s like having a personal sales coach guiding you towards success. 

Actionable Insights for Sales Velocity

Sales velocity is a crucial metric for sales teams. The AI-powered Sales Assistant accelerates deal velocity by providing actionable notifications. It keeps sales reps informed about their deal’s progress and notifies them when a deal exceeds the average time for comparable deals they’ve had. This feature helps sales professionals stay on top of their game.

Tracking Team Performance

For sales managers, keeping tabs on team performance is essential. The Sales Assistant does just that by tracking team performance and lost rates. It offers insights into individual performance and helps identify team members with the highest drop rates. Sales managers can also review deals lost by pipeline stages and gain a deeper understanding of their team’s strengths and areas for improvement. 

Other Exciting Features

In addition to the AI-powered Sales Assistant, Pipedrive has announced two other noteworthy features: 

Sales Inbox with Email Account Sync: 
  • The new Sales Inbox feature keeps all your emails in one place.
  • It enables faster response times by eliminating the need to switch between platforms.
  • A labelling capability allows you to categorise emails based on your criteria, simplifying the process of finding and sorting emails. 
AI-Powered SmartApp Recommendations:
  • These recommendations analyse your business and suggest the most relevant apps from the Pipedrive Marketplace for covering and automating the revenue pipeline. 

That’s a Wrap!

Pipedrive’s AI-powered Sales Assistant is a game-changer for sales professionals. With its smart predictions, actionable recommendations, and the ability to focus on high-potential deals, it’s poised to significantly boost your sales performance. The future of CRM and sales just got a whole lot smarter and more efficient. 

About Pipedrive:

Founded in 2010, Pipedrive is the easy and effective sales CRM that drives business growth. Used by more than 100,000 companies worldwide, Pipedrive is headquartered in New York with offices across Europe and the US.

As your trusted Pipedrive partner, Flowbird is excited to share the latest innovations that empower your sales team. Stay tuned for more updates on how you can maximise the power of Pipedrive and transform your sales processes. 

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