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Publishing Twice Weekly Content

Traditionally, businesses published uninteresting press releases or news that would not appeal to their target market. Your marketing department must publish content that appeals to your target market. Publishing twice weekly is a great place to start.

Publishing Twice Weekly Content with a Specific Aim

Every piece of digital content needs a purpose. You should have a predefined content aim and create content for a specific target persona. Consistently publish blogs that add value to your customer relationships. This gives you the start of a content marketing funnel that can generate leads consistently.

Publishing content is a specialist skill that, when executed correctly, can allow your business to seep into the minds of potential customers who wouldn't otherwise be interested. Produce the information your target customers will look for and make it easy for them to find.

Blog Posts for Lead Capture

Blog posts should primarily be educational pieces of content. Solving your customers' problems allows you to build trust and confidence and add value to any time your customer spends on your website.

Provide a simple overview of how to tackle your customers' pain points. Then draw them in with the promise of more detailed information in return for their contact details. This process will kick off your customers' buyer's journey.

Remain Relevant, not Intrusive

Existing customers who connect with you via email and social media will appreciate your content if it continues to offer something of value. Good content also reaffirms your customer’s positive thoughts about your business.

In addition to customer retention, publishing twice weekly content on your blog serves two purposes:

  1. New content means you are always fresh in the mind of your target market
  2. Publishing frequent, regular content allows your contacts to choose to engage with the content they find most interesting.

At Flowbird, our experience has enabled us to understand how to create evergreen and current content. If you want to know how we could increase your bottom line and lower your long-term cost per acquired customer, then get in touch.