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A Quick Guide To A Successful Content Strategy

Your customers are naturally drawn to content related to their industry, needs and goals. Therefore, retaining customers and opening new revenue streams is relatively straightforward: you just need to create and publish relevant content for your target market.

It sounds simple. However, you must ensure that you produce the right content at the right times for your marketing cycle.

Keeping your Leads Engaged

You must regularly post valuable content for your contacts to read and enjoy. However, you need to do this whilst avoiding content overkill. Publishing too frequently will diminish the value of your content; publishing infrequently will not keep your services fresh in the minds of potential customers or referrers. At Flowbird, we have found that publishing twice each week works well for many of our clients. It presents a business as active and knowledgeable.

Content Marketing Cycle

The B2B sales funnel is evolving. Customers spend much longer in your sales funnel before contacting you directly. People tend to research their suppliers more today than they would have done five or ten years ago. This makes hard sales early on in the sales funnel less successful.

Instead, as a modern marketing department, you should publish educational, inspiring, and thought-leading content that resonates with specific target markets. This will naturally lead your prospects through the sales funnel.

The Right Content at the Right Time

Creating relevant content is a constant challenge for all businesses that want to appeal to people at each stage of the funnel. Your blog should contain educational posts that educate and attract people's interest at the top of your funnel.

Good content encourages people in your target market to trust your business. Additionally, contacts will be much more open to discovering more about your business after reading an informative, engaging blog. A related eBook, downloadable tool or webinar invites are just a few options for capturing and nurturing leads after winning their initial interest.

Your Content Strategy

Content marketing is an essential aspect of your marketing strategy. However, many businesses still struggle to deliver it successfully. We can manage your content strategy and tailor it to fit in with your lead capture and lead nurturing techniques. This will help you win new customers by establishing your business as a source of valuable information and, eventually, as a thought leader in your target market.

Contact us today to find out how we can implement a successful content strategy to help you attract new customers.