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Six Weird Hobbies That Will Improve Your Inbound Marketing

Six Weird Hobbies That Will Make You Better At Inbound MarketingIn the digital age, focusing all your efforts on outbound marketing is no longer an option if you want to succeed. Endless phone calls, conference networking, cold coffee in boardroom meetings – who has the time?

These days, everyone has their website. A well-maintained website should be more than enough to bring business to you. Leave the tireless outbound marketing aside and focus your efforts on inbound.

Are you up to the challenge?

The key to inbound marketing

The most critical aspect of inbound marketing is having a great, up-to-date website with fresh, exciting content. You don’t need to be a web genius to create engaging content. However, these hobbies might help…

6 Weird Hobbies That Will Make You Better At Inbound Marketing


Many of us blog in our spare time, but did you know it can help increase your client base? Writing regular blog posts is an easy way to keep your site updated with new content.

Your blog posts don’t need to be strictly business to keep things interesting for yourself. Enhance your posts with personal anecdotes and gentle humour to achieve a friendly tone that keeps people returning to read more.


Photography is another popular pastime that can help boost your business. Keep your camera or smartphone handy, and aim to take one picture daily. Edit and upload relevant snaps to your website to keep it looking fresh and appealing. These easy and regular updates will keep your hit counter rising.


Reading can be a love-it-or-hate-it hobby. However, regardless of whether we enjoy reading, we all spend a lot of time doing it. Whether it’s the morning newspaper, a book you’re engrossed in, or the content of your Facebook feed, opportunities to read are everywhere.

Regardless of how much you already know, keeping up-to-date with current thoughts, trends, and ideas is vital. You can improve your industry knowledge by reading other companies’ websites, blogs, and social media content.  It will help improve your inbound marketing strategies by ensuring you’re on top of what’s going on in your industry.

Social networking

Social networking has become part of our everyday lives – almost a reflex. But don’t dismiss it as a hobby: Twitter and Facebook are great ways to grow your business.

You may want to set up accounts for your business. Alternatively, you can link your pages to your company website. Either way, using your blogging and photography skills, you can use social media to bring clients and customers to your site with regular updates. Learn your way around social media as a business to promote your company and grow your network.


Here’s how to go the extra mile: become a movie star. Even the most basic modern mobiles have video recording capability. Shooting videos is a fresh, modern way to introduce yourself and your business.

Videos give off a personal touch. They make potential clients and customers feel they know and can trust you. As with the other hobbies listed above, you barely have to lift a finger. Upload your videos to your company website, and your visitors will visit you.

Learn how to use marketing automation software.

Finally, we’ll leave you with a bit of a cheat—marketing automation software. These programmes will monitor your business needs and alert you when something in your company is missing. Whether it’s an unpaid invoice, unusual levels of staff sickness, or a change in website visit rates, it will suggest a timely solution to help you get on top of the problem. It's a simple way to make sure you stay on top with minimum effort.

Blogging, photography, reading, social networking, movie-making, and marketing automation are all hobbies you can use to improve your inbound marketing efforts. Most importantly, ensure you regularly update your website with fresh and engaging content to keep visitors returning for more.

To learn more about improving your inbound marketing, contact us at Flowbird today.